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Cavalli’s Oxford Wisdom: Revelations

After revealing his high esteem for celeb-turned-designer and their collections in his recent interview in Cannes, Roberto Cavalli is unstoppable.

Invited at Oxford University, Cavalli wasn’t to much into fashion talk, the students going gossip talk about the Spice Girls. “They’re all very nice.Who is the blonde one? Emma? She’s very nice, at least she can sing.”. Oh, joy! After letting everyone know about JLo pregnancy before any official statement from the singer, now he’s revealing that there only one Singing Spice Girl, in fact… And the others? Just backing vocals or imposed by the choreography scheme?
Either way, I can hardly wait the next public statement from Mr Cavalli..

Roberto Cavalli with the Spice Girls
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Miley Cyrus Designs Yoga Bags For Swarovski

Even if the Hannah Montana trends are downwards, Miley still is one busy little bee! Alongside mother Trish, she’s doing yoga bags for the Libby Ross Foundation against breast cancer.

The celebrity list is long for this campaign – Susan Sarandon and daughter Eva Amurri, Hayden Panettiere and mother Lesley, Courtney Cox Arquette, Lisa Rinna, Patricia Arquette, Kim Raver and so on. The vip bags designed, signed and decorated with Swarovski jewels will be listed on eBay Giving Works from May 5-15 and auctioned off.
Relieved that it’s not another celeb-turned-designer thing, I confess I had no idea yoga bags are so interesting (as a product, I mean). Then again, if Miley sets the tone…

Miley Cyrus Swarovski Yoga Bags
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M.I.A Clothing Collection

When I saw the Longchamp ads with Kate Moss sporting some shiny leggings, I thought we would be facing a mass invasion of those shiny leggings…

I wasn’t completely wrong. Disco-stylee is still going strong. Latest in the celeb-turned-designer line is Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A (Maya Arulpragasam). Since her confession goes

“With my stuff, because everything’s really bright, if you lose it or someone steals it, you can see it from miles away and you can be like, ‘Oy! Give me my shirt back!'”,

I doubt we’re in for a dull ride. But then again, it’s hard to believe we could be taking M.I.A clothing line into a regular office-going wardrobe. Unless you’re up for a subversive party in your lunch break…

M.I.A Clothing Collection
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Heidi Klum’s Jordache Released Yesterday

Not long ago I told you the magical story behind Heidi Klum’s designer career at Jordache Jeans.

Well, today I come with images to support that special story of a special talent – opening your wardrobe to a team of professionals who gets to pick out some pieces and reproduce them as such for the company’s benefits and your own, of course. She’s not second highest paid model for nothing our Heidi, is she? Well now, off you go delight your eyes with exclusive pieces from Heidi Klum’s Jordache Jeans Collection launched yesterday at Bloomingdale’s.

Heidi Klum Jordache Jeans Collection

Refreshingly new perspectives and invigorating creative lines, right? Long live the celeb-turned-designers!

Heidi Klum Jordache Jeans Collection Launched
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Elizabeth Hurley For Mango

What’s it like to have a completely respectable age and a completely respectable body? Well, it’s like this: you model for a fast fashion store after having “designed” your own line of clothing! And if that’s not enough, then you should also know that you have the possibility to improve your looks with digital enhancement, regardless of the clothing quality.

At least she’s honest about that one thing, even if we don’t get too many details about how her inspiration flew out of nowhere and she suddenly felt full of a new self – Liz Hurley, the clothing designer. So urging that she absolutely had to draw few bikini sketches for Mango.

Elizabeth Hurley Mango Ads
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Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Collection Fragrances

First of all, let’s get some things cleared up here – we all know who Gwen Stefani is (or at least that’s the presumption I’m taking off from), but maybe not everyone’s familiar with the “Harajuku” term meaning.

Harajuku (according to Wikipedia) has a geographical departure – it’s an area between Shinjuku and Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan and came to be known because of its youth style and fashion, the Harajuku street style being promoted as “Fruits”

Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Perfume

Gwen Stefani’s clothes and accessories line have been strongly influenced by the Harajuku Girls style (a style she began showing off with her first solo album Love, Angel, Music, Baby).

Now when mostly at home due to her second pregnancy, she still has to keep her marketing self busy. She announced the Harajuku Lovers Fragrance line (for September).

Love is floral, Lil’Angel is fruity floral, Music is delicate floral, Baby is powdery musk, G is modern gourmand. So it’s all about flowers and fruits. And Harajuku.

The scents come in $45 for 30ml and $25 for 10ml (plus an upcoming version of the coffret with the solid perfume for $60). Continue reading →


Pete Wentz Clandestine Industries Collection for Nordstrom

It’s like every day passing by it’s in vain if a new celebrity-turned-designer collection isn’t announced!

Today it’s Fall out boy’s Pete Wentz turn. He’s been on the designer seat for a year now (since he’s reportedly launched a line for DKNY Jeans last year) and his brand Clandestine Industries (born in 2004) is doing rather good.

Pete Wentz Clandestine Collection for Nordstrom Ad

So he’ll be doing an exclusive for Nordstrom with almost unisex designed clothes, not because he’s a fan of girlish dresses but because he loves wearing slimmer jeans. Mmm, whatever.. next you know, he’ll express his inner designer self better wearing a pair of high heels. Why not? Unisex’em all, mister!

Clandestine name is not enough to sell the collection, so Nordstrom will begin pushing a DVD (“Making Mischief”) in April with a behind the scenes video of the incredible design collaboration plus 10 unreleased Wentz tracks (a preview has been issued).

Pete Wentz Clandestine Collection for Nordstrom T-Shirts

As for the collection itself, besides this pajama–t-shirt and the already torn one for better perspiration, I haven’t really had much of a choice when looking at the preview of the collection. I’m still thinking about it, but one of these days, if news continues to overflow with celeb-designer, I’m gonna get my pencils, a good old notebook and start doing some serious sketching! At least Walmart’s gonna take me, right?
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Christina Aguilera Jewelry Line with Stephen Webster

News flash – We remain in jewelry-land as we find out that new mum Christina Aguilera has found yet another way to keep herself busy and her bank accounts full.

Besides selling out the baby photos like every other celebrity mum, she’s signing for a line of jewelry named “Shattered” with her friend, Stephen Webster (I’ve gathered some of his creations in a picture so you’ll see his work).

Christina Aguilera Engagement Ring
Stephen is the designer of her $114,000 engagement ring (with a large diamond set in a diamond-encrusted white gold or platinum band). The new Christina-made (of course, like we’re really supposed to believe that she designed any of it!) jewelry is made from sterling silver, 18k gold with stones (agate, chalcedony, goldstone, jade, hematite).

Stephen Webster Jewelry

The first collection is named “Shattered”, the second (already!) is named “Superstud” (being a punk-inspiration collection) and it will launch next month (reselling via Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman) with prices between $343 and $3,528.

How about it? Hardly waiting to wear a Xtina Jewelry? Or it’s just another celebrity-turned-designer over night?

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