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Jessica Simpson Lingerie Collection

Why not, after all? In a few years we’ll have toilet paper signed by some fancy celebrity! I’m starting to feel a strange trend in the air: it’s over with “sex sells” it’s “a name sells” just about everything and anyhow.

So, the big news is that Jessica Simpson prepares a lingerie collection for spring 2009. I wonder if the fashion houses that engaged in the hunting party against the counterfeits campaign ever imagined a darker future than they’re trying hard to eradicate now! Because if this celeb thing goes any longer, we will soon replace the regular fake LV or Hermes with a regular original Perez Hilton par exemple. What’s worse?

Jessica Simpson Various Images
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Kate Moss Starlight T-Shirt For Charity

Knowing how it really works and how “personal” are the personal designs of celeb-turned-designers, what exactly does it mean that Kate Moss personally designed a t-shirt? Giving her signature on a predesigned theme?

All the profits from the Kate Moss Starlight T-Shirt go to the Starlight Children’s Foundation that just celebrated the 21st birthday this week: “Starlight offers a lot of hope to a lot of children at a difficult time in their life. I was really happy to help.” Does a charity involve you more when a celebrity is already in?

Kate Moss Topshop Starlight T shirt
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Nicole Richie House Of Harlow Jewelry Collection

At first there was the news about Nicole Richie’s intentions to launch a maternity clothing line. Now those rumors are swept away by the “House of Harlow” Collection.

No, it’s not about clothes. It’s about jewelry. Just like Christina Aguilera, new mum Nicole has a jewelry collection coming out. This Fall, House of Harlow will proudly hit the market.
“It’s all costume jewelry. I like to play with jewelry and mix and match. (I’m working with) this really talented woman named Shelley Gibbs. She’s an artist and she sketches everything.”
Am I getting things wrong here? Clothing is harder than jewelry making? I thought opening your wardrobe for a team of hardworking stylists who will ever remain in shadow it’s as simple as it gets…(via popcrunch, sfgate)

Nicole Richie Various Images

UPDATE: Here are two images from the House Of Harlow 1960 Collection by Nicole Richie. Have to say, it looks pretty catchy! (click thumbnails to see larger images)

House of Harlow Nicole Richie Jewelry Line 2 House of Harlow Nicole Richie Jewelry Line 1


Kristin Davis Belk Collection

You know how tricky celebrity can be. One day you have it, the next day you’re the average person walking down the street.

And you also know how being a celebrity can mount to your head and make you believe you can do everything and be anything you want! And so, the common trend amongst celebs is clothing designer. But until now I’ve rarely seen such ambition and such determination like Kristin Davis.

Kristin Davis Belk Collection

Not only she’s launching her apparel collection at Belk, but this line will include sleepwear, activewear, sportswear, belts and handbags, footwear, jewelry and possibly home, maybe expanding into other categories… Kristin Davis, your regular wal mart! Would it be related to the SATC frenzy? Maybe given time, she’ll forget about all that and she’ll wisely choose not to punish us with her collections… Just saying.. praying… Would you pray with me? Or you feel completely overboard about this coming collection?
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Hand Painted Stan Smith Adidas

If you’re trendy enough, you’ll know this year it’s time to put your sneakers on! Now you have the chance to wear one of a kind, custom made especially for you Stan Smith Adidas Sneakers.

Having your own print (your special demand) on the sneakers will cost you extra (reaching a maximum $630) but it’s completely worth it to be your own designer! Everybody’s doing it

Look Down Hand Painted Stan Smith Adidas
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Chasing Star Trails T-Shirt

If you were looking for a special design out of the celeb-turned-designer-sphere, this could be your sure shot at originality!

If you think it’s another one of those flower-power-hippie-ish prints, don’t! It’s authentic star trail (the time lapse paths created by the Earth’s rotation) photography printed with a special technique to make things look more convincing and shiny. It’s not as glitzy as a sequined top, but it surely leaves an impression! Would you wear it? Pair it with what?

chasing star trails tshirt

Chasing Star Trails T-Shirt 1

Chasing Star Trails T-Shirt 2

Chasing Star Trails T-Shirt 3

Chasing Star Trails T-Shirt 4


Lancôme Cabana Bronze With Daria Werbowy

If you believed that the world of celeb-turned-designers couldn’t get any further, you were slightly wrong.

Lancôme and Daria Werbowy worked on a charity project named “Cabana Bronze Collection”. The benefits from the sales will go to the Centro Espacial Vik Muniz, a center dealing with children’s art in Brazil. The collection will “bring a different kind of beauty to people” with the same old tools: Color design Cabana Bronze Compact $43 eye shadow palette, $25 Color Fever Shine lipstick, $23 Le Lipstique stick with brush, $50 Star Bronzer powder face & body, $33 Star Bronzer automatic powder brush. If any spokeface contract could end up in designing own collection, I would give it a try anytime, we’re going to be flooded with pseudo-designer collections anyway!

Lancome Cabana Bronze Collection with Daria Werbowy
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Mischa Barton Handbags Line

Latest on the front of celeb-turned-designers is Mischa Barton. She’s not going for clothes. At least not for now.

She’s going for accessories. Handbags that is! Given she’s a flower power girl, I wonder how will those handbags look like…The collection will debut early July in London and features pieces from leather, fabric or snakeskin (I wonder how that copes with the free-flower-power spirit?) with a flower logo of her own (was that the only Mischa touch for this collection?).

Mischa Barton Joshua Jordan Picture
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