Kate Moss for Longchamp 2008

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Bright colors and urban shimmer. Kate Moss is pulling another Longchamp on us. Even with her new hairdo she still remains the public face for the Longchamp handbags.

I love the bags they picked for the advertising campaign, but what do you think of those shiny leggings believed to be the next it? (besides feeling in the mood for biking ?)

Kate Moss Longchamp advertising red handbag
Kate Moss Longchamp advertising white handbag
Kate Moss Longchamp advertising white and beige messenger handbag
Kate Moss Longchamp advertising purple handbag


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#3 suii on 03.10.09 at 11:01 am

km is one of my fashion gurus. she looks so cute in the photos, but the even hotter is the red bag she carried! it caught my attention immediately because i have a similar over-sized tote bag. but i think buying one more red bag is not too sumptuous. hehe! an article about red bags. it may be useful so check it out!

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