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10 Style Quotes To Dress And Live By
As the circumstances of fashion change with every new season, the premises remain the same: fashion is but a bouquet of social conditionings of our... Read More

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3 Fashion Trends To Ditch Right Now!
Yoga, UGGs and tattoos – are you into out smartening the media-fed lies? Let’s get to it, then! First, because since Gwyneth Paltrow’s emancipation she... Read More

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Fashion Week: Icons And Trends With Lauren Hutton
Fashion Week is in full swing these days and world’s most appreciated designers, models, trend followers, bloggers and wannabes anything are there. Are you? Lauren... Read More

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Patti Smith, Big Fashion Dreamer On A Budget
What are your style aspirations? If you’re dreaming of effortless looks, authentic and personal approach to fashion, you’d better get your references right and your... Read More

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Anorexia & Models: Jamie Bochert
Having so much fun with the Dita von Teese story the other day led to a natural conclusion: writing on photos can be meaningful and... Read More

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The World According To Karl, The Ultimate Wisdom Book!
Over the years, we talked about the memorable lines Karl Lagerfeld keeps us entertained with, so it’s not really a surprise to see that there... Read More

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Why Did Ghesquiere Leave Balenciaga: The Revealing Interview!
I told you about that reading period I was going through right now and about being struck by the Balenciaga ad published earlier. But let... Read More

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Grace Coddington Words Of Advice For The Fashion People
Everybody loves Grace Coddington. Some because of who she really is, some because of her fashion longevity, some because they feel compassionate about her being... Read More

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