Miley Cyrus Designs Yoga Bags For Swarovski

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Even if the Hannah Montana trends are downwards, Miley still is one busy little bee! Alongside mother Trish, she’s doing yoga bags for the Libby Ross Foundation against breast cancer.

The celebrity list is long for this campaign – Susan Sarandon and daughter Eva Amurri, Hayden Panettiere and mother Lesley, Courtney Cox Arquette, Lisa Rinna, Patricia Arquette, Kim Raver and so on. The vip bags designed, signed and decorated with Swarovski jewels will be listed on eBay Giving Works from May 5-15 and auctioned off.
Relieved that it’s not another celeb-turned-designer thing, I confess I had no idea yoga bags are so interesting (as a product, I mean). Then again, if Miley sets the tone…

Miley Cyrus Swarovski Yoga Bags
(via fashionwindows)

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