Lindsay Lohan Leggings Line

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After letting the Marilyn Monroe Last Sitting scandal settle down, Lindsay Lohan found another way to claim the spotlight.

“It will be a while before it comes out, but I’m going to do it. Some of them will have prints and some will have patterns. I love leggings.”

Lindsay Lohan Leggings

I believe you’re all familiar with Lindsay photos in her almost second skin leggings (I wonder if she ever takes them off!), now imagine finding Lilo’s line at your regular Walmart? Maybe she’ll be making a promo with Ok! Or the other way around – you buy two pairs, you get a photo of hers, you buy all the stock, you get her in skin and flesh! Oh, pardon me, in leggings and … mm whatever!

Lindsay Lohan leggings collection ads

UPDATE: Things was far from being the Holy Graal of fashion businesses with Lindsay Lohan’s leggings label! Actually, after she was made to face court judgement for her illegal substances addiction, Lindsay must’ve liked the feeling of being in the stand as she filed a complain demanding $1 Million for breach of contract and more legal inaccuracies from her ex-business partner in the 6126 venture.

She tried, though. She wore leggings nearly every day and night, she pose for the collection, she had her sister posing for the brand. And even her partners acknowledged there was a mild interest from buyers and customers at first.

Lindsay Lohan 6126 clothing leggings

But then Lindsay’s substances use got the best of her and nobody wanted a piece of the bad-girl-trying-to-sober-up. They appeared to only like her name when it was associated with fame, fury, trouble and all that. Go figure? Anyway, since Karma is just a fancy name for Ferry’s Wheels, things got back hitting LiLo in the face with: another lawsuit! A counter-claim from the business partners she just called to court, in a whopping $4 Million worth. For? breach of contract, biensur!

All for the better now as we don’t have to put up with yet another opportunity to glamorize leggings!

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