Pete Wentz Clandestine Industries Collection for Nordstrom

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It’s like every day passing by it’s in vain if a new celebrity-turned-designer collection isn’t announced!

Today it’s Fall out boy’s Pete Wentz turn. He’s been on the designer seat for a year now (since he’s reportedly launched a line for DKNY Jeans last year) and his brand Clandestine Industries (born in 2004) is doing rather good.

Pete Wentz Clandestine Collection for Nordstrom Ad

So he’ll be doing an exclusive for Nordstrom with almost unisex designed clothes, not because he’s a fan of girlish dresses but because he loves wearing slimmer jeans. Mmm, whatever.. next you know, he’ll express his inner designer self better wearing a pair of high heels. Why not? Unisex’em all, mister!

Clandestine name is not enough to sell the collection, so Nordstrom will begin pushing a DVD (“Making Mischief”) in April with a behind the scenes video of the incredible design collaboration plus 10 unreleased Wentz tracks (a preview has been issued).

Pete Wentz Clandestine Collection for Nordstrom T-Shirts

As for the collection itself, besides this pajama–t-shirt and the already torn one for better perspiration, I haven’t really had much of a choice when looking at the preview of the collection. I’m still thinking about it, but one of these days, if news continues to overflow with celeb-designer, I’m gonna get my pencils, a good old notebook and start doing some serious sketching! At least Walmart’s gonna take me, right?
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#1 Armine Abrahamyan on 03.19.08 at 12:11 am

I like this collection. I think it should be great if it becomes available in Nordstorm stores!


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