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Your Weekly Celeb-Turned-Designer – Nicole Richie Maternity Line

I know you were secretly hoping this was all over and done with! Now I came to spoil your wishing well with news about yet another celebrity turned designer!

Nicole Richie already announced a jewelry line (due September) now she’s making you part of another great idea – a maternity line (unspecified launch date, surely this year). If you’re curious to know what inspired the new mummy in creating her line, well, it’s Balenciaga’s Nicolas Ghesquière!

Balenciaga Spring-Summer 2008

Proudly wearing, as she declares, jeans until six months and heels until nine months, she’s going for a “showing your best self, not your tired, worn-down self. Guys don’t go through that, they just don’t understand” statement.

So for my next pregnancy I’ll get to wear Balenciaga-esque Nicole Richie maternity designs? I can hardly wait! Hope it’ll be more than just extraterrestrial motorcycle outfits and horrific shoe-prints to scare the unborn children out of their mother’s womb! How’s this maternity-hip upcoming line sound to you (of course, if you happen to be a “guy”, like Ms Richie says, then you’re absolutely left out because you “just don’t understand”)?
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Helen Mirren Is A Marks & Spencer Designer?

With Matthew Williamson flying from Debenbams to Hennes and Mauritz, I see a possible further collaboration between Dame Helen Mirren and British retail giant Marks & Spencer as a normal one!

After all, we all noticed how all boutiques only sell sleeveless clothes, haven’t we? Dame Helen Mirren saw that too and she’s up for a designer challenge, aiming mostly dresses. DWS will be the name of her brand, and that comes from Dresses With Sleeves! I have very high esteem for Dame Mirren and her elegant signature style, but do we really need another celeb-turned-designer? I see plenty of dresses with sleeves! And even if there were not enough of those, couldn’t a simple suggestion be enough in order to produce more sleeves? (via

Helen Mirren Marks and Spencer dress with sleeves


Perez Hilton Clothing Line – Once A Gossip Blogger Now A Designer!

I sincerely thought Katie’s blue and red number from the Met Gala was the worst news of the week. Oh, how I was wrong!

The word is about to spread and there would be nothing stopping this viral evil! Perez Hilton is launching a clothing line! I’m not in possession of designing details, but I will give you what I know: Le Gossip Queen is doing an eponymous line for “Hot Topic” including Perezcious Pink, Gossip Gangster flip flops ($2-$50) and very affordable passionate audience conscious “products that my readers will love and hopefully some guys will rock it too”.

Perez Hilton Various Pictures

Somebody Mass Destruct these Nightmarish Super Creatures of Celeb-Turned-Designer-World before they get any numerous!!! One day, they’ll outnumber us from the Consumers-City, mark my words!
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Tara Reid’s Mantra Collection

So who else is on the celeb turned designer radar today? None the other than Tara Reid. Former actress now professional partygirl, 24/7 drunk, and liposuction fan. Now designer.

So, who wants to dress up like Tara and wear clothes with messages like “Catch me if you can” (oh, such a pity, I really loved that movie! Why all good things must turn to sticky dirty fingers sooner or later?) “Single and Ready to Mingle” . Of course she couldn’t have let herself exhausted by her newly discovered designer self and she went mostly for swimsuits. Ready to Mantra?

Tara Reid Mantra Collection

UPDATE: The first images have appeared: Tara Reid’s Mantra collection was in a Trade Show scooping for retailers interested in distributing her brand.(click thumbnails to see larger images)

Tara Reid Mantra Bikini Collection Mantra Tara Reid Collection Mantra By Tara Reid Bikini Collection


Fergie Brown Shoe Collection

And another one adding to the celeb -turned-designer tribe. Fergie is going for shoes. Her collection is called Brown Shoe and it’s due for Spring 2009.

I’m unsure if the models exhibited are all the collection there is, but I counted a dozen different models more on the platform-gladiator style, one uglier than the other. Is this inspiring in any way? Why doesn’t she look happy for the collection launch? It’s like she’s in pain! Well, sista, to tell you the truth, I would’ve been too if I had to present such ugly shoes!

Fergie Brown Shoe Collection
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Olivier Theyskens Photographer

I guess designers are looking for a way to escape the overcrowded world of clothes-makers ever since this celeb-frenzy.

The most talented Nina Ricci’s Olivier Theyskens is going photographer. He will create the look book for the Nina Ricci resort collection. I’m impatiently looking forward for a series of photos by Theyskens! Wouldn’t you say he’s got some serious artistic eye? I for one, loved that grey dress his talent spawned so masterfully!

Olivier Theyskens Photography
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Kanye West Collection

Besides being dressed in his “own” creations, Kanye West (yes, yes, it’s a singer, hence the new celeb turned designer) announced (Friday, in Paris) a women’s line for fall.

You know, for me it’s like a continuing disappointment. At first I liked his singing, then I learned to understand the way he constantly brags about himself but considered it was part of his celebrity thing, after I have to cope with the designer reality. And even so, the man continues to stun me! Before he launched the women’s line news, he announces that he was there (in Paris, Jardins de Bagatelle) for “Louis” (Vuitton). How’bout that? Since Kanye is a real talented designer, he also manifests incredible medium talents since Louis (Louis Vuitton) died in 1892! What’s wrong with the world? Will they all blame it on the Napster for having to invade the catwalks with their so called designs?

Kanye West Collection
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Gianfranco Ferré Stresa Project Dubai

And another one bites the luxury concrete! Gianfranco Ferré is going Dubai residential. The Dubai mirage is no comparison to the catwalk, they’re all going to sign something over there.

Gianfranco Ferré Stresa will combine residential, commercial and hospitality spaces worth more than $1.2bn. The complex is named after the town where Gianfranco Ferré has his summer residence.

Gianfranco Ferre Stresa Dubai
The architect of fashion, Gianfranco Ferré, was renowned for his clean lines, originality and inventiveness and we are more than confident that Gianfranco Ferré Stresa will encompass these attributes and fittingly represent the House of Gianfranco Ferré.
Here that? A luxury building named after a town! In Dubai! And signed by a fashion designer! Shall I end my celeb-turned-designer hunt and go concrete couture hunt?
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