Jennifer Lopez Twins First Paycheck – $6 Million!

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Flash news: Talking about J.Lo’s pregnancy is like talking about the worst kept secret lately. Everyone knew, everyone saw it, still no one talked about it.

Well, for some time now things have changed, we love chatting about Jennifer’s baby-bump, her due date, her choices for delivery (as, for example her hospital reserve awaiting the so special birth for two weeks already). How about the twins now? We heard rumors about the names, about them being a boy and a girl. Now the big splash – their first paycheck!

Jennifer Lopez Baby Bump and Marc Anthony

People magazine denied the $6 Million deal. But we all remember the first pictures of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Well, those pictures were sold for $4 Million (and don’t worry, the magazine didn’t declared bankruptcy right after! On the contrary – the sales gained 45% that week – about $3 Million).

It’s true that Suri Cruise earned no money for posing in Vanity Fair, still the sales went up with 60% for that number.

Now if Shiloh’s pictures meant $4 Millions, her rumored twin brothers (or sisters. Or whatever) on the way will end up gaining what? $10 Millions?

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Suri Cruise Magazine Covers

Isn’t that going too far? After all, it’s our money that’s paying the pictures! Each magazine with their photos means adding up to that monstrous paycheck. Do you look at these numbers as normal? Or do you see them part of a media madness that’s got to end?


What’s the charm when talking about rumors? They prove to be true sooner or later!

Three weeks old, millionaires, that’s one big moneymaking family! Max and Emme, the Lopez-Anthony twins have got their People cover. Of course, the magazine issued a statement saying that the pictures cost $3 Millions (they don’t say if it’s for one kid only, so, the common logic sense tells us that for two kids you have to add another $3 Millions) and even so it’s a record.

Jennifer Lopez Max and Emme Twins Pictures in People Magazine

We’ll wait and see if the Jolie-Pitts can score higher!

Now they’re at the same game since they’ve reportedly found out the baby-bump it’s a bab-IES-bump (yes, yes, a boy and a girl!). So not too much before we find out who the highest bidder is (since they know that it’s a boy and girl, she must be like 5-6 months along).

I also posted the film they graciously give about the making of the photo shoot and how things look like in the Lopez-Anthony crowded house.

So? $3 Million? $6 Million? Or who cares?
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