Elizabeth Hurley For Mango

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What’s it like to have a completely respectable age and a completely respectable body? Well, it’s like this: you model for a fast fashion store after having “designed” your own line of clothing! And if that’s not enough, then you should also know that you have the possibility to improve your looks with digital enhancement, regardless of the clothing quality.

At least she’s honest about that one thing, even if we don’t get too many details about how her inspiration flew out of nowhere and she suddenly felt full of a new self – Liz Hurley, the clothing designer. So urging that she absolutely had to draw few bikini sketches for Mango.

Elizabeth Hurley Mango Ads

I like a certain amount of retouching, like anybody, (…) I don’t mind if you want to make me a bit thinner and a bit younger, but you can’t give me a different jaw or eyebrows.

Elizabeth Hurley Mango Ads Orange Bikini

Of course, when you have the chance of looking like a plastic Barbie Doll, why would you say no? In an unnatural light, having a completely unnatural background and unhealthy rubber-like swimsuits, Liz Hurley manages a Mango advertising campaign perfectly fit for the perfectly fitted world we all perfectly fit into.

Liz Hurley Mango Ads White Swimsuit

Let’s have a look at the prices so we know what to expect when searching for the perfect rubber swimsuit: the white cutout swimsuit $50, gold cuff $22, textured cuff $50, fuchsia, orange, brown, cherry bikini $70 each, Kaftan $140, bag $44, purple bikini $40.

Liz Hurley Mango Ads Pink Bikini

After all, the prices too need a little photoshopping… Or at least me, I don’t plan to pay that much for the guy who made the retouching for the Mert and Marcus pictures of Liz Hurley Mango Advertisement! Do you find these latest celeb-turned-designer swimsuits (at least) interesting?

Liz Hurley Mango Ads Purple Bikini
(via timesonline, dailymail)

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