M.I.A Clothing Collection

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When I saw the Longchamp ads with Kate Moss sporting some shiny leggings, I thought we would be facing a mass invasion of those shiny leggings…

I wasn’t completely wrong. Disco-stylee is still going strong. Latest in the celeb-turned-designer line is Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A (Maya Arulpragasam). Since her confession goes

“With my stuff, because everything’s really bright, if you lose it or someone steals it, you can see it from miles away and you can be like, ‘Oy! Give me my shirt back!'”,

I doubt we’re in for a dull ride. But then again, it’s hard to believe we could be taking M.I.A clothing line into a regular office-going wardrobe. Unless you’re up for a subversive party in your lunch break…

M.I.A Clothing Collection
(wwd via trashbagaesthetics)

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