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Dare To Wear KrisDesign Beaded Jewelry?

If there’s a secret behind sophisticated looks, then it’s all in the accessories game! I’ve turned my head after a handful of ladies around town and it was all because they had a little ‘extra’ in their outfits – the necklace, the scarf, the bag, the belt, the earrings…

Something about the right amount of dazzle for the otherwise normal people could be just the difference between the same recipe made in your kitchen and a sophisticated presentation of a restaurant plate. Oh, you know me and my long introductions! It’s like entering the New Year with fireworks – I want it to be special! Kris Design’s beaded jewelry, however, are more the fireworks to my story this time!

unique beaded necklace Kris Design

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China: Through The Looking Met Glass

Although my house and my life are overwhelmed by ‘made in China’ labels, when it comes to the actual Chinese culture, I’m humbled and have really no idea where to begin and how to approach this fabulous phenomenon!

I know what I won’t do, however: I will restrain myself from taking lightly this 2015 Met Gala (very) Red Carpet! There were many fabulous interpretations of this year’s Costume Institute exhibition and I would love to mention all of them! I’ve selected a handful of representative elements as worn by celebrities in attendance and I’m kicking things with Sarah Jessica Parker’s Philip Treacy headpiece!

Sarah Jessica Parker dress Met Gala 2015 Philip Treacy hat

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13 Fashion Pumpkins For A Stylish Halloween!

Come All Hallows Evening , even pumpkins get their own costume! What is your pumpkin wearing this season, is it in or out of trends?

Starting off with what proved to be the most successful animated movie of all times: Frozen! Released in November 2013, Frozen has missed last Halloween so this year we’re about to see a lot of Elsas and Annas, Olafs and whatnots from the white mountains of Arendelle trick or treating straight to our doorsteps! Thusly, you need:

13 fashionable pumpkins for stylish halloween

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Which Of CK’s And Frame’s Jeans Collaborations Is Truly Iconic?

Two denim collaborations, each unique and iconic in its own way present themselves as the upcoming fall’s most interesting ‘new’ jeans. Which is truly representative and which pales in comparison with the original, let’s find out!

22 years have gone by since the 90s model sensation, Kate Moss, first appeared in Calvin Klein advertising campaigns, posing with nothing else but Calvin Klein jeans & underwear (next to Marky Mark, no less). This fall, Kate’s younger sister, Lottie Moss, is going for the crown (again) with an ad campaign for CK’s collaboration with

iconic denim collaborations for fall

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Tom Ford’s Beauty Collection Hits Stores This November!

Did you know that ten days ago, the legendary Tom Ford turned 50? Yep, yes he did! Happy Birthday Tom Ford (just for the record, that was on August 27th!)!

And what better way to celebrate and honor the man and the designer than by buying his first ever Tom Ford Beauty Collection? Well, you may want to refrain yourself from actually buying the entire collection as I’m sure the prices will be significant, however, take a look below (and click through to discover more images) for a taste of the glosses, nail polishes, lipsticks, eye shadows, perfume and accessories, all signed Tom Ford! Talk about eye candy, huh?

Tom Ford beauty collection lipstick makeup

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Bridal Hairdo. DIY Wedding Hair Styles

If you missed this bridal season’s rush, you’ll get plenty of the virtual wedding glamour with the latest celebrity weddings. Kate Moss … ahem Hince as a bride was pure delight. Kate remained true to her vintage-y, bohemian style and she kept strong by her friend, John Galliano, wearing a dress designed by the outcast designer.

The latest Royal Wedding which turned Charlene Wittstock into a Monaco Princess was equally breathtaking, there’s no doubt about it. Sure, I haven’t forgot about the amazing, sublime McQueen dress as worn by Catherine, the new Duchess of Cambridge, as a matter of fact, I’m struggling to pick a favorite between the two Kate bridal gowns.

How about the hair? If we were to draw the line and designate a new bridal hair trend, it would most definitely be the loose waves down the shoulders in a natural look. However, Princess Charlene took it further and stiffed the natural bridal approach with a classic, retro glam bun decorated with a heavy piece of intricate floral jewelry work. So if you’re more on the bun – side of the bridal hairdos, scroll down to discover DIY tutorials on how to make some wedding worthy hairdos.

Bridal hairdos

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Met Gala 2011 – Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

2011 marks an anniversary I wish we would never had (at least not so early): 1 year has passed since Alexander McQueen’s death. Consequently, events have been rolled to commemorate the designer and his amazing sartorial work.

One of the most important celebrations is graced by the Metropolitan Museum of Art through the Costume Institute Exhibition: Alexander Mcqueen – Savage Beauty. Traditionally, every year, a Met Gala occurs, to mark the debut of the said exhibition. Every name and major personality in fashion is there on the big Met Ball night. And this is my view on the Met Gala 2011. (click through to discover the rest)

Daphne Guinness feathered Alexander McQueen dress Met Ball 2011

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DSquared2’s Dean And Dan On Air Style In Stereo

Karl Lagerfeld is no longer the only designer turned DJDsquared2 go On Air with their musical style. Dean and Dan Caten handpick the music for their fashion shows and now they’re turning into full flavored DJ.

Their radio show on Sirius satellite radio BPM channel starts on May 5th and will also include interviews with celebs (talking about fashion, music but also politics and more). Hopefully they’ll play some music too! If you want to listen Dan and Dean on Air: Style in Stereo on BPM channel you can tune in for a 3-days free trial version or get a monthly subscription! (can’t wait for the DJ duel DSquared2 vs. Karl Lagerfeld!)(via wwd photos via 1, 2, photochopping courtesy Stylefrizz)

Dean Dan Caten DSquared2 radio