Rachel’s Bilson Edie Rose Collection for DKNY

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Why do we need designers anymore? Why all that fuss with catwalks, Project Runway, haute couture? We’ll always have tv/movie stars to draw our clothes for us!

Fashion’s on a celebrity-spree – Rachel Bilson is doing a line for DKNY Jeans. I don’t really know why skinny model-talk is focused on the catwalk only. While the runway seems to gain a few pounds, the street reinstates the skinny reign – Rachel Wilson is one of the underweighted-is-good activists not so convincing in her acting career so she’s quickly checking other possibilities: fashion designer is the first on the list!

Rachel Bilson Early Days picture

And she’s a keen learner: “I can’t draw at all, so I won’t be doing any sketches, but I am learning to sew. I think it’s important to know more about the whole process of making clothes.” Aaaawww!!! That’s so nice! And you know what else is nice? Over at DKNY people are really in-Rachel-the-designer: “Our customer has a real emotional connection with Rachel and she’s always on the best-dressed lists, so it seemed like such a win-win for us,”. Coming from a marketing department who was doing some offending work lately, it doesn’t surprise me one bit!

Rachel Bilson Vanity Fair

What surprises me is the overall tendency to encourage lack of style personality, to promote the brand at any costs. This young girl hasn’t set her mind on something yet. His a perpetual “Jumper”: ”I’ve always been maternal. I want to travel and enjoy myself first, but I really want a family. I love the career I have chosen. But I’d be quite happy as a housewife, at home with the kids. I think I’d be really content.”

Rachel Bilson Nylon Magazine Blue Dress Picture
Rachel Bilson Yellow Scarf
Her newly discovered designer self is settling on a 15-pieces Edie Rose (inspired by two of the people who inspired her when growing up) junior sportswear collection (sporty jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, coats, dresses and skinny and straight-leg jeans) inspired by a yellow scarf she has!

What if you were to make a clothes line? What would inspire you to do it? (besides your dog/cat/neighbor, this morning’s cup of coffee)
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#1 Flair on 03.13.08 at 5:55 pm

Another celebrity with a fashion line?? They are all trying to do it all now. But I do really like how Rachel puts everything together. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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