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YSL Makes Home Organic Designs

Anyone remembers the viral “The Earth from Above”? A series of photographs, originally titled “La Terre vue du Ciel” by Yann Arthus-Betrand became viral a few years back. The unimaginable beauty of our Earth seen from the air enchanted the eye and warmed the heart.

Yann Arthus-Betrand’s eye just turned into a movie project with Luc Besson’s Europacorp; their project, HOME will be launched in 43 days, June 5th 2009. (the story continues right after the jump with more pictures and a video!)

YSL Home Organic cotton tshirts white

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Piers Atkinson’s Barbie Hats Collection FW 09

It’s the year of the Barbie! If the Kaiser has a mini-me Ken doll besides dressing up the Barbie, we absolutely have to check our watches and set it all on the Barbie hour!

Of course it’s one thing to celebrate Barbie’s year in the privacy of your own playground and a completely different one to wear it before the world! Piers Atkinson’s hats collection for this fall is called “The Princess and the Frog” and has very little to do with Disney’s upcoming animation movie! (the story continues after the jump!)

Piers Atkinson hats FW 09

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Kevin Federline Otzi Collection For Kids

I guess much has happened since I haven’t covered the celeb-turned-designer front! Because here I was, hoping this was a perfectly quiet Monday, a great way to start a new week and bam! I got struck by lightning!

Kevin Federline will design (wait, what?) Otzi, his own line of clothes for children! The father of four is really committed to starting his own fashion revolution for kids. Not that I see it as a bad market to exercise your designer skills (that is, of course, if you had any), but I can’t understand how this could actually work. Besides his obvious partying ways and baggy jeans, I doubt there’s anything else to know about this guy’s talents. Oh, I forgot – he’s also famous for his constant court-battles for Britney’s money (saying he only cares about the welfare of his kids). Do I see this Otzi-design story the wrong way? (via nydailynews, photos via ino)

Kevin Federline Britney children pictures


Kate Hudson For InStyle US January 2009 By Stella McCartney

InStyle goes with something unusual for the January issue! With Kate Hudson as covergirl, the main interview of the magazine’s, with the very covergirl, is handled by none the other but Stella McCartney!

When and how did she became a journalist, it’s beyond my understanding. But I guess if celebs can turn designers, fashion graduates can turn to being just a celeb anytime. Especially when being born and raised in showbiz, like a McCartney. However, it seems InStyle turns to pairing celebs like a sure ticket for success. Whether it’ll be that way or not, it’s only a matter of time and popular taste. So I’m turning to you, asking if there’s any chance Kate Hudson by Stella McCartney for InStyle could be the beginning of a new, brilliant journalism? And how about the pictures? Is this celeb duo more appealing than the average magazine product? (via, wwd)

Kate Hudson Instyle US January 2009 Stella McCartney cover

Kate Hudson Instyle US January 2009 Stella McCartney 1 Kate Hudson Instyle US January 2009 Stella McCartney 2 Kate Hudson Instyle US January 2009 Stella McCartney 3
Kate Hudson Instyle US January 2009 Stella McCartney 4 Kate Hudson Instyle US January 2009 Stella McCartney 5 Kate Hudson Instyle US January 2009 Stella McCartney 6


Hayden Panettiere’s Dooney&Bourke Clutch

Who needs movies when you’ve got ad campaigns? Who needs models when you’ve got movie stars?

The latest celeb-turned-designer is our very own Heroes darling Hayden Panettiere, she who only had one skirt and one pair of peep toe pumps to wear not long ago! She came a long way, didn’t she? From cheerleader to Save the World soldier, Hayden promotes her own design clutch in her free time, chez Dooney & Bourke. Available in five colors with wild closure – a lion’s head plated in 24 karats gold (oh, yes, she predictably is a Leo), the clutch of Hayden’s dreams will be available from December 1st for $295. Would you pay that much for a Heroes bag? (via 1, 2)

Hayden Panettiere Dooney and Bourke Hayden Clutches ad

Hayden Panettiere Dooney and Bourke ad campaign Hayden Panettiere Dooney and Bourke ad campaign 3 Hayden Panettiere Dooney and Bourke ad campaign 4

Hayden Panettiere Dooney and Bourke ad campaign 5 Hayden Panettiere Dooney and Bourke ad campaign 6


Vida Bedding Collection By Eva Mendes

Let us open wide our arms and welcome Eva, the latest member of the celeb-turned-designer club. I’m beginning to have a AA feeling about all this:

All celebs turning from their usual acting/singing to fashion and design. Is this a way to detoxify their career or to accumulate bank account energy? Getting back to Eva Mendes’ latest news – not about movies, of course. And no, not about Calvin Klein’s allegedly racy campaign (that she promised to continue, by the way!). It’s about bedding. A Latin inspired collection called Vida: Bettina ($340 + $100 completer set), Isabella ($340 + $100 completer set), Rosa ($425 + $100 completer set), Kalia ($340 + $100 completer set). The Collection was made with George Augusto and will hit stores starting mid-September. What difference does it make when you slip in Ikea bedding or Eva Mendes?

Eva Mendes Vida Bedding Collection
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Perez Hilton Hot Topic Line Complete (Flip) Flop

How about that? Perez Hilton launched his glorious line and only seven people showed up. Three hours later, the fabulous sales registered an incredible $6.45.

And not only the launching was a complete flop, but according to a staff member from Hot Topic, Perez himself “was a rude royal pain” texting and making waves and leaving without saying goodbye to anyone.

Perez Hilton Hot Topic Line
I guess there’s still hope, what do you say?

If people didn’t showed up to meet the gran Perez, than we should expect that this particular blogger-turned-celeb-turned-designer collection shall face the discontinuity forever and ever? Amen?

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And Another One: Usher’s Baby Fragrance

Launching his own perfume wasn’t enough for Usher. When celebrating this special celeb-turned- designer-something-event, he made quite an announcement:

His 6 month old son is the reason why Elizabeth Arden through Liz Clairborne Cosmetics signed a deal for a baby fragrance. In other words, Usher’s singing career is not as profitable as his son. “Yeah!” What’s next? (or who’s next? Imagine how many perfumes could Angie’s kids inspire!)

Usher Fragrance Launch and Usher with his Son
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