Who Spends Fortunes on Handbags?

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We all have our sources, we all scout the Internet searching for sensational news to offer you, better way to present them, brighter colours and more diversity than the others. But in all that we’ve got to stick to an ethical truth, or at least stick to the one thing we respect the most: you, our readers! If our ethical sense is gone, then we could fed you with anything and reported as the most accurate truth of them all and that will lead us to a terrible misinformation and a grave loss – we would lose YOU. And still respecting you, we could be wrong, we could bring you a fact that was already misreported, that was already untruth.

In this deep respect for you, we give you some small corrections to an article that already made the world wide web tour several times, we’re sure, but was inaccurate in many ways: for instance, we give you this picture, featured in the article: the so called “pink ostrich Fendi Bag” that Victoria Beckham reportedly had in September 2007, is (sources from the internet reported) a Hot Pink Hermes Birkin bag (just like the one in the picture shown in the original article at the left of this pink one).

Victoria Beckham Pink Ostrich Birkin Hermes Bag Kylie Minogue Lady Dior Bag

As for their price, we don’t really know it because the Hermes Birkin Bag sells to a highly exclusive category and the waiting list is about 2 years long. Plus, its price depends on the level of customization the client wanted…

Also, with a little help from the same internet, we find out that the so-called “Gold Chanel Bag” that Kylie Minogue is wearing in the picture where she appears next to Dita Von Teese is, in fact, a mini Lady Dior (how could she appear with a Chanel handbag at a Dior Presentation?) estimated at $1717 (however, we must say, the gold one is not available online, so we couldn’t say for sure that the same price applies to Kylie’s Dior handbag).

The entire classification is quite inexact because we couldn’t possibly know all the handbags a lady has. Even if we live weird times when one cannot use a toilet without being photographed by paparazzi, we couldn’t know for sure the handbags we see in the pictures are all there is to that particular wardrobe.

So.. Who Really spends Fortunes on Handbags.. and on what Handbags it’s an unfinished subject.


#1 BagGirl on 03.26.08 at 3:56 pm

Paying over $1000 for a hangbag seems unthinkable, but for celebrities and those of wealth, I suppose its no big deal. When I purchase handbags, I look for value and practicality. I wish I could afford the ones that Victoria Beckham can… :)

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#3 Liesl Eva Margaret on 02.07.10 at 7:28 pm

I’m a die-hard handbag lady! Love them the way the shoe-gals love their shoes. But I’ve never bought a truly expensive bag – I couldn’t bring myself to. I would feel like a fashion victim or that I’d managed to let the consumer culture influence me too much.

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