Rosie Huntington Whiteley Amazing New Hair: Same As Her Old Hair!

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So the weekend is upon us, my dahlings! What are your plans for these two days of (official) Spring? Cozy up? Warm up (since the weather isn’t nice enough for pretty florals and strappy sandals)? Fashion up? Let’s see if you can find inspiration here today!

I’ll start with a little piece of disconcerting news, a few lines that really got me thinking about the state of the press and the role of the news-starters around the Internet. The same Internet that – I don’t know if you noticed but it just – isn’t made of cats like everyone suspected a while back. The Internet, my dahlings, is made of ‘spectacular’: a cat, a mouse, a darn spot of dust, whatever you pick, it must be extraordinary, outstanding, out of the ordinary by a Moon-length, simply stunning and so forth.

That’s how you get your daily Internet dose: with outstanding on the side and an extraordinary dressing. Actually: make that (extraordinary dressing) a double!

How I came to that? And why am I even mentioning it? Because of this spectacular haircut sported by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Which haircut – you’ll ask? And no, there’s nothing wrong with the pictures. It’s in the news. In the reporting quality and the worthy material. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, my dahlings, cut about 2 – 3 inches of her hair length and that makes it a worthy inquiry for the readers: ‘what do you think of her new look?’. Yes. Let’s discuss that, shall we? Her ‘new look’. Pffff!

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Amazing new hair


#1 Appollonia on 03.22.13 at 12:27 pm

What’s not news on the internet… Rosie had a haircut?

So, on your end it’s cold too? Here also and more cold for the weekend has been predicted. Siberian cold!! I wear yet thermal clothing under my home sweat track and keep the heater on low temperatures.
I bought a book today but I’m not going to read that book but “the book week present”. I love the writer and the book is thin. It was Dutch National Book Week.

I also got myself my fave chocolate muffin’s. I shall make it through the cold weekend :)

#2 ana on 03.22.13 at 2:44 pm

Reading a great book under the blanket and chocolate muffins ???
I am jealous !

#3 Adriana on 03.23.13 at 10:29 am

Not yet under a blanket ana ;)
Going to finish my book tonight and eat another muffin. It’s so cold….I need that definitely blanket tonight :)

#4 Adriana on 03.23.13 at 10:33 am

Argh….ana, (a.o) there’s something you have to ignore. It’s just a stupid mistake…..OMG…don’t mention it! :D

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