Kate Moss Vogue Paris April 2013 Testino Pictorial: Cover Material

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Remember we discussed Vogue Paris April 2013 and more specifically the wasted potential of what could’ve been a glorious cover&cover story: Isabeli Fontana photographed by Mario Testino in an issue about Peru and its wonders.

At the time, we also found out that Kate Moss was in the said issue, also photographed by Mario Testino, also highlighting the Peruvian treasures. I was so curious to see the inside goodies so when I finally got around to peak at the pictorials previews, I was stunned: Kate Moss is definitely cover-material. The only reason I can accept her not being on the cover of this issue is that the highly esteemed fashion people want to see ‘change’ at all costs, even if it means unconvincing covers like Isabeli’s here.

Kate Moss Vogue Paris April 2013 by Testino

And there’s nothing even remotely new in Kate Moss’s pictorial. Nothing we haven’t seen her or Testino do before. Together or separately. But they have this magic going on: whenever Testino’s cameras meet Kate, it’s a stroke of perfection right there. Before our eyes. I feel like I just witnessed a miracle. There’s simply no bad angle, nothing negative that could cross my mind when I sit and stare at these images. I’m a simple girl, and I have simple fashion pleasures – this, my dahlings, is one of them!

Kate Moss by Testino Vogue Paris Peru issue

(the reviewers stated there are 22 pages in this Testino&Moss pictorial ‘L’Etoile de Lima’ – The Star of Lima, as styled by Sarajane Hoare. Keeping my fingers crossed for it to surface soon, so I can re-live the magic I’m feeling right now!)

Mario Testino photographed Kate Moss for Vogue Paris April 2013


#1 Sandra Costa on 03.21.13 at 5:56 am

Loved those pictures! It’s so different for her!

#2 Appollonia on 03.22.13 at 12:35 pm

I love Kate always. Well almost….

When she wears fur, which she likes a lot, I can’t stand her….that’s my only but strong criticism when it comes to Kate.

These are indeed very lovely photos. Looking like a grown up woman. Nice :)

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