Ralph Lauren $19,000 Ricky Bag

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So I wake up this morning, calmly eat my breakfast and read my emails, the dream I had last night still haunts me but I’m sending it away and then I come across this article.

Ralph Lauren issued a $19, 000 Handbag. Eyebrows high up, I’m looking again at the title and ask myself why it’s so shocking. Then it hit me – last night I dreamed how I found my car all banged up in the parking space. So in my dream, thinking that I should just change it (especially to get a bigger one for the kids), I stuck the idea in my head and still found it there after waking up.

Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag

Now reading that a handbag actually can cost as much as another car, I can’t help myself but wondering what income does she has, the girl who spends $20,000 over a handbag?

Looking at this Ralph Lauren bag and reading it’s made of goatskin and this “exclusive” Grey Anthracite one is available at Harrods, I draw the following conclusions – goats are very expensive. Especially the Grey ones (they must be rare!) and they only come in awful designs for outrageously high prices.

Tell me – is this bag rightfully costing $19,000?
(via vogue)


#1 Adriana on 03.18.08 at 7:25 am

Me too raised my eyebrows when I found it at Vogue. Glad you did saw this too and shows it.
I was wondering what can you carry in this far too expensive bag that you cannot carry in a nice cheaper bag with you? It did even shock me a bit. So I suppose the girl or woman that’s gonna show off this bag is tells
us that she doesn’t need a new car for her kids or that she doesn’t like goats to own which does peacefully keep the grass on her property clean in a natural way? Of course she does own a big property. Or her husband does. I would rather live in a place where I can keep such a beautiful goat that would imply that I live somewhere in peace than show off this bag in certain circles where “being satisfied” has become a rare thing….I think?

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#3 e. varden on 03.18.08 at 6:44 pm

This sack may be sturdy. I’ll believe it. Buit at 20K it cannot be beautiful enough to compensate for the spend-head trash that would buy one.


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