Model At Work: Cara Delevingne DKNY Ad Campaign

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I know, I said something about weekend inspiration, but let’s look at this from another perspective: yes, it’s a working day for a model. But Cara Delevingne isn’t your average model. Is the model of the moment! As such, she’s getting all the attention while on or off-duty and her latest job was shooting the upcoming DKNY Ad Campaign.

Working hard, Cara posed in downtown New York in all kinds of fancy outfits and stylish getups. But that’s not what I wanted to discuss. Not even the fact that Cara may just be replacing Ashley Greene in next season’s DKNY campaigns. I wanted to discuss Cara’s work-ittude. Her ‘in-office’ mojo.

model at work Cara Delevingne shooting in New York

We all have good and bad days. And then there are the ‘meh’ days. When your meteo-sensitivity is kicking in and you’re only exceeding at Pin-ing around all kinds of goodies and Like-ing all day long. Because a recent study said that we only have around 30 days of excellent performance at our workplace. So: I was thinking, sitting here in my chair, writing away on the virtual paper, ‘what if we would try to have more fun?’ yes, even in-office?

Cara Delevingne shooting for DKNY

Fun and ‘at work’ don’t necessarily get together well, but let’s face it, what Cara does there looks like a lot of fun! And it was freezing in New York the other day while she was wearing a sheer blouse and posing nicely in front of the camera! And still she was in the mood to play&fool around. Is that what made her the most wanted model of the moment?

Cara Delevingne DKNY ad campaign

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