Maison Martin Margiela H&M Collection Isn’t Very Popular

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You knew that one of the most avant – garde designer collaborations ever to be produced and sold through H & M was hitting stores this month. Yes, I’m talking about the all – to – teased Maison Martin Margiela H & M collection!

It would appear that, although being more of a reediting of MMM bestseller designs more than a collaboration per se, opening this morning, in Paris, the new collection wasn’t such a crowd – magnet after all. Those who showed up at the wee morning hours, as wwd reports, were noticeably fewer than those who lined up for the Lanvin H&M launch last year. I, for one, actually dreamed of getting the red leather pumps with transparent wedges. Gave up that $300 dream when my car broke down yesterday and got some fancy motor parts for the same amount (wink)!

How about you? did you get anything from the collection already? and if so would you mind sharing what it was and why you bought it?

HM Margiela opening Paris

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