Kidswear Fashion Week: Good Or Bad?

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I was browsing through the news, read this piece and moved on. But something made me come back and read it again. Think it through, peruse the image gallery and ask myself if we really needed this!

Kidswear Fashion Week, formally named ‘Global Kids’ Fashion Week’, in short GKFW as their first ever Global Fashion Week season just happened. It lasted two days, was held in Freemason’s Hall, in London and hosted established designers’ collections but also up-and-coming, emerging new talents in the field. Kidswear Fashion Week. Really?

first Global Kids Fashion Week

In my early years as a mother, I did my best to coordinate, mix and match the kids’ outfits, keeping in mind one thing and one thing alone: they’re too young to matter what they wear as long as it’s clean, properly dressed and play-proof. Parents know why!

Global Kids Fashion Week catwalk

It wasn’t until I looked at it from a completely selfish perspective that I took the fashion factor into consideration. And even so, I kept it low key and as creative as I could, layering and turning this into that and that into this. Little crafting projects I started and in which I also involved the kid who was destined to wear the item in question. But that’s my Honest Life. Others…

Global Kids Fashion Week event

Well, let’s just say they look at things from another perspective. One which involves less crafting and layering but more branding and labeling. They are, I think, the main segment that this Kidswear Fashion Week is targeting. Them and also the famous or fame-hungry who would just do anything for the spotlight – even push their kids on the catwalk. Towards an unquestionably challenging, undoubtedly intellectual life choice. Sure, they’ll say things like ‘the kids are having so much fun!’ ‘it boosts their self-confidence‘ ‘they love playing around and changing clothes, posing, wearing makeup and so fort!’. Sure you’re welcome to believe that fancy outfits will build a stronger character for your kid and that mistaking the catwalk for the playground is just as great for the future individual as playing in the woods!

Kidswear Fashion Week backstage

I’m asking this of you: (parents and non/future-parents alike) would you take your kid to the park sandbox in Cavalli? Would you watch your kid smear his Kenzo outfit with chocolate ice-cream? Would you allow your kid to jump in a pile of mud wearing Oscar de la Renta? Would you? Because if you would, you’d better be sure to get a Front-Row invite for the next Global Kids’ Fashion Week! If your answer is no, carry on business as usual! (wink)

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#1 ana on 03.23.13 at 2:22 am

As far as the children arent s€ksualiz*d and are told they must develop their inner beings and talents and that a person needs more than nice clothes to be considered a “whole person” , it is ok for me.
Kardashians, Kurtney Stodden(s) and Todlers &Tiaras mums may not apply…

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