Beyonce Wants Us To Wear H&M This Summer!

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I was actually thinking about H&M this morning and more specifically about their iconic designer collaborations – it’s been a while since their last, and although it was reportedly a flop, I don’t believe they’ll put a stop to their high fashion collections. Until the next one drops, however, here’s some style crumbs to feast on: Beyonce H&M Summer 2013 Ad Campaign.

Not many images have been made available, however, it’s a step in the right direction on which speculations have been circulating ever since Bey was caught on camera posing in the Bahamas, mid-January. It’s a go, people: H&M took Beyonce in the Bahamas for a nice round of commercial advertising photography.

Beyonce H and M Summer 2013 ad campaign

But what’s even more surprising – although pretty predictable, if you’ll re-read the opening paragraph – Beyonce even designed some of H&M’s Summer 2013 pieces she was approach to advertise for! Some of the profits (from H&M for Water) will even go towards WaterAid charity so you won’t feel that guilty when splashing on yet a new set of beach wear, summer wear or whatever else wear is proposed in the new collections.

A Jonas Akerlund video is also set to be released in a month, same time as the print campaigns (which will read ‘Beyonce as Mrs Carter in H&M’) photographed by Inez and Vinoodh. And just because Beyonce is touring as Mrs Carter this year, one of her new songs, ‘Standing on the Sun’ is the more-than-appropriate soundtrack to the commercial in question. Beyonce: Run the World, one bikini at the time! Yeah!

Beyonce H and M campaign beach Bahamas

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