Marion Cotillard New Lady Dior Bags Campaign: Look, But Don’t Touch!

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We already knew, acknowledged, accepted and got through somehow with handbags being so iconic and haute that one would actually go as far as paying the same amount of money on a bag as they would on a fancy schmancy car. 5-figure bag prices aren’t unusual anymore.

But they’re bags. Carry-all pouches meant to make our lives easier. Oh, well! Here’s Marion Cotillard who’s fighting the bag-temptation in the latest Lady Dior Ad Campaign. The sought-after Dior handbag on a pedestal, next to Dior-outfitted Marion: look but don’t touch. That’s what a real bag is for these days, my dahlings!

Marion Cotillard Lady Dior bags campaign 2013

Jean-Baptiste Mondino did a wonderful job in constructing the flirty atmosphere. The styling is impeccable as Marion is soberly dressed and darkly courting the candy-hued bags. Like an haute thief, every fashionista must prove and show her devotion and dedication for the bag cause while looking lady-ish and indifferent, mysterious and playful. Oh, Dior! You had me at hello! (le sigh!)

Marion Cotillard Dior Bags ad campaign 2013

Lady Dior handbags 2013 ad campaign Marion Cotillard

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#1 Ellington on 03.21.13 at 11:49 am

I adore Marion and I just love these bags! : )

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