The Truth About Exercising And Body Fat

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You know I was saying something about the skinny gene earlier – I also think I have yet another gene besides that one – the lazy gene! And that’s not because I would sleep around all day (Lord knows I couldn’t, even if I’d want to!) – but because I’m too lazy to exercise! I can’t wrap my head around me on a treadmill, doing pushups or swimming Olympic sized pools (among the galaxies of reasons I adore, admire and respect my Husband for is his determination to train regularly.)

Now let me tell you a bit about the story here, before I shamelessly go on and on about myself again (will do that after the jump, though – consider yourselves warned!). I was really happy because the Awards Season has rolled out its Red Carpet! I just couldn’t bear the thought of reading yet another diet, exercise, or losing weight tips! Busting some myths about all that not only brings me peace of mind, but also cleans the mess in this matter! Did you know that 80% of what you look like is based on your diet? So no use in exercising if you’re not changing a thing on your daily menu!

exercise and diet

Toning your muscles = losing the body fat in order to make muscles visible! Men and women don’t need different workout programs, on the contrary – our bodies work in the very same manner and a 3lb weight is too light to work out with – it simply won’t challenge your muscles.

Don’t do exercise on an empty stomach – not only reduces your body fat, but also your muscle mass. What was the point of working out in the first place? Also – stretch after your workout, not before. That will reduce the risk of injury – do, however, warm up before starting the exercise routine.

You can’t spot reduce fat. Unless you’re losing the overall body fat too! Alternate your training to burn more fat – high and low intensity will burn more fat (although you only burn fats exclusively in your sleep)! Shakes will not keep you full as they lack fiber and they’re full of cheap protein – replace shakes with whole foods and also don’t stay away from egg yolks, they’re good for your health!

stretching and weights

Why do I consider these more truthful than others? Because that’s what my heart tells me – plus, our bodies, although miraculous, should be treated with respect and care to return the favor. Depriving our organisms from this and that is something we might get away with (apparently) on a short term. On the long run, however – you take away something the body needs, the body will slow down one of the processes you need. I for one fully know that if I’m not giving the amount of sleep necessary to my body, I’ll get away with it for a day. If I continue, the day after that, I won’t be able to pull myself together to connect my synapses. I slowndown, I’m on “auto pilot”, mechanically doing the daily chores and nothing more. I don’t even have enough energy to be present and funny. I’m like a ghost. So that’s the most basic comparison I have to help you guys understand that the above really is an insightful and respectful approach of dieting and exercising. Thank you, Maik Wiedenbach, personal trainer and author of 101 Fitness Myths! (if you’re interested, the book is available here)

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