Christy Turlington For Calvin Klein Underwear

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Calvin Klein Underwear ad campaigns seem so keep on being controversial for the past couple of years that despite my undissimulated love for their lingerie, all I can do is cross my fingers for them not to make it on a bus or a bus stop panel where kids can see them. Thus I totally embrace the news that Christy Turlington Burns was signed in for the next Calvin Klein underwear campaign.

She’s just… Perfect! They won’t try with her what they could try with newer models, put them in a too-provocative pose. Christy is so iconic and flawless, radiant and just unbelievable all around, they won’t mess with her quality and lower it at a scandalous level of marketing. I’m thankful for that and I’m certain that Mario Sorrenti, who as also reportedly contracted to photograph the campaign, will deliver a great visual result. Welcome back Christy! We missed you!

Christy Turlington Burns new Calvin Klein Underwear ad campaign

The photographs were taken in Puerto Rico, Vieques and they all come in a flawless black and white finish. That emphasizes Christy’s forever young quality even more, which underlines her role model superpower.

Calvin Klein underwear Christy Turlington Mario Sorrenti

An ageless campaign drawing on the simple beauty and the type of less-is-more aesthetics I, personally, missed in more recent marketing imagery from the house of Calvin Klein (and others as well). While I realize this advertising is meant to sell underwear, I still feel thankful for the decent, normal approach of this undergarment personal gesture we all embrace.

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Christy Turlington black and white CK underwear ads

Below, for comparison, images from 1995 with Christy in Calvin Klein underwear ads.

Christy Turlington Calvin Klein underwear ads 1995

Christy Turlington Calvin Klein swimwear ads 1995

Don’t miss the commercial for the 2013 Calvin Klein Underwear Campaign with Christy as well as a behind-the-scenes interview with the model below!

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