Wear Your Message, Dance Your Words: Puma Dance Dictionary

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Dancing has always been a part of my life. Not in a professional way, though. I just felt it. I felt like dancing. And danced. Took a lesson here and there, but nothing serious, I felt like there was too much limitation just learning some steps and strictly repeating them routinely. Dance is too free for that. Dance is alive. We breathe life into it.

Puma Dance Dictionary brings together two of my biggest passions: dance and clothes. Just imagine in how many ways your wardrobe would be radically revolutionized if any time, at any moment, you’d be wearing just the clothes you could dance in! If you would wear shoes you could dance in! If you’re going to a lazy patch or just feeling dreary, bookmark this video and watch it. Replay it again and again. Put on your favorite song, get your rear up and moving, feel that music! Express that music! Free yourself. Clothes should be helping you achieve that.

If they don’t, you need to change. Get comfy! Get creative. Express what you’re feeling inside! It’s like working out, only a zillion times better and more rewarding! Ready? Hit the jump, press play!

Puma Dance Dictionary initiative

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