People Who Love Cats, Love Paul & Joe’s Cats Makeup Collection Spring 2012

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I remember the internet being flooded with cute cats pictures and videos at such rapid pace (at least last year) that some people concluded the internet was made of cats! This year is not just the internet, it’s the fashion industry too! I trust you noticed a certain black kitten in Jason Wu’s Target Collection? Well, Paul & Joe have dedicated their entire Spring Summer 2012 collection to the cute pet felines we love so much. Sometimes.

Lipsticks shaped like cats, face powder shaped like cats, you name it, anything reminding of a cat is in Paul & Joe’s Spring 2012 collection. Products and packaging alike, they’re so cute, I couldn’t even use them! (is it just me, or the thought of applying cat – shaped lipstick on my lips is a bit weird?)

Paul and Joe Spring 2012 cats makeup collection

Paul and Joe cats beauty collection 2012

Paul and Joe spring 2012 makeup shaped like cats

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#1 DEBANHI on 05.25.12 at 12:39 pm

They are very cute kittens

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