Justin Bieber New Tattoos

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Since I mentioned something about Justin Bieber and his tattoos in an earlier story the other day, I thought it would be fair to continue the tradition and bring you the latest, the freshest, the hottest in BiebInk. Because as any Belieber will tell you, Justin Bieber loves adding ink to his collection.

I have no idea, nor do I desire to find out just how many drawings he counts in his ever growing tattoos collection, I can figure out this much, though: by the age of 30, there may not be as many skin patches to choose from and add another ink-do. But that’s for Justin Bieber to see and decide, any man or woman is free to do as he or she pleases with the skin they’re in.

However, as a fair warning: your skin may be considered as a ‘white canvas’ for tattoo artists (and more) but when it comes to changing it, it turns out that skin is actually not as changeable as ordinary white canvas would be. I just thought you should know.

Back to the Bieber ink: the latest additions? A Koi Fish and a fierce looking Tiger. While the koi fish is traditionally associated with progression and perseverance, the tiger is commonly associated with power and invincibility.

Justin Bieber new tattoos

Fun fact: usually, a tiger tattoo is associated (in Japanese tattoo culture) with a dragon, as to balance the signs into a yin and yang equilibrium. The Koi fish transforms into a dragon, while swimming consistently until he reaches the Golden Gate. Getting a koi without a tiger would’ve been impossible, it seems. So you see, in all his teen riot, Justin Bieber found balance. Did you?

Justin Bieber growing tattoos collection

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