Lagerfeld’s History Lesson: Chanel Once Upon A Time Film

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I was watching a documentary about Haute Couture made a couple of years ago when Galliano was still chez Dior. But Haute Couture doesn’t really change, does it? And the entire HC secret society or ‘club’ like they refer themselves to (long for Haute Couture customers) keep singing praise over praise about Karl Lagerfeld and his work. His fashion work.

But you know der Kaiser likes to touch a little bit of everything: photography, writing, directing. And his latest film in a never ending saga of Chanel B-series films is a very sensitive lesson about the history of Chanel. La maison. And Chanel, La Femme. Coco Chanel as played by Keira Knightley may have been the single interesting feature from the entire 15minutes+ ‘short’ film.

You can watch it after the jump. But please be indulgent and patient.

Kiera Knightley Chanel Once Upon a Time film

It’s really interesting to learn about this or that fashion designer and their beginnings, their inspiration sources, their lives. But do you think it’s possible that Lagerfeld would’ve wanted to rival The Great Gatsby? This short film was launched pretty much at the same time as Baz Luhrman’s movie. And they’re hinting at pretty much the same period in human history. Give or take a few years as Chanel’s Deaville store opened in 1913!

Either way, the story was poorly written and directed, typical to Lagerfeld’s cut-out from reality style. It’s just a Friday distraction moment, something I could only consider watching out of pure curiosity, with no real, substantial fashion interest. Either that or I’d think Lagerfeld just keeps insulting our intelligence in every way he’s involved in fashion, every season.

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