Dare To Wear These Black Cat Tights?

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You know what they used to say: that the Internet was made of cats? It’s hard to reach the same level of popularity our beloved furry felines have reached through the years. Memes, whatnots, they’re part of our daily internet routine. If ever Facebook changes logo, they should really consider integrating a cat-feature in there somewhere. A tail, maybe?

From our Japanese fashionistas who just looove feisty dressing and seem so fearless about their wardrobe: the Neko character tail tights really make a statement. A cat head on your knees and tails on the back of your legs, there’s no way you could walk down the street unnoticed. I wonder if they could do a customizable print? Like put on the grumpy cat’s face on the front? For – you know – those days when your muscles just won’t curl up in a smile?

And, as you’d expect, they’re out of stock but restocking in less than a month. Enough time to dream about and imagine an entire Harajuku wardrobe! Don’t expect it to come cheap, though – this pair of black cat tights alone is $30 at the japantrendshop dot com!

black cat tights


#1 Ellington on 05.18.13 at 7:50 am

Whimsy for one’s legs! : )
Reminds me of the various fun tights that I used to wear during my undergrad years. : )

#2 Kristen on 03.20.15 at 11:48 am

I have these tights and love them to death! I bought them on Amazon.com for only about $5

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