Honestly, What The Fun! (The Fast Franchise Furiously Heists Again)

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I forgot to talk movies this week, haven’t I? How could I? Gotta get to it right away! So while the entire world is too busy eyeballing the slightly boring black and white Cannes Red Carpet or praising Baz Luhrmann’s Gatsby industry or just immersing Into the Darkness in 3D, we were occupied with the sixth installment of the Fast franchise. Because you gotta have some wholeheartedly fun every now and then!

And Fast & Furious Six is just amazingly fun. That type of honest, adrenaline infused, ridiculously exaggerated fun! And we laughed our heart out! I know they’re most certainly not reading these lines, but I don’t apologize for having so much fun to the nice people seated next to us who clearly weren’t familiarized with the Fast fun. It’s unique. It’s fast-flavored. And this Honest trailer I added after the jump is the best description for it (don’t worry, it’s not a spoiler. Nothing can spoil the Fast fun!).

fast furious returns

Yeah, I realize it’s for Fast Five, but nothing really changes in the sixth movie. Except for the title (wink). Oh, and don’t worry, we’ll go watch Gatsby as well, but this week, we were just in the mood for fun. Brainless, healthy, psychological depth-deprived, wrinkles-inducing fun!


#1 NicolaGossips on 05.23.13 at 10:43 am

I saw Fast & Furious 6 last week. I agree it’s a lot of fun. I am actually looking forward to the seventh.

Sometimes mindless popcorn flicks are the best form of entertainment!

#2 Sandra Costa on 06.01.13 at 2:54 pm

i found out this week there’s gonna be the F&F 7, omg, this should turn into a tv series!

❤ xO!

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