Smell Like A Boss: Gwyneth Paltrow Still Hugo Boss Spokesperson

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I did say something about this being the perfect time to launch a perfume, haven’t I? News about Gwyneth Paltrow sticking with Hugo Boss for yet another advertorial year were just confirmed.

Although there’s no telling if the new ad campaign for the (old?) Hugo Boss perfume Gwyneth was contracted to represent will be just as brilliant as the first one, but we still have until August to see the ad prints or the commercials. Hopefully it’ll be a little more creative, although judging from the Cannes Red Carpet where a worrying majority of black and white dresses glamorously walked up the film festival’s stairs, we could be heading towards yet another monochrome, monotone marketing move. Starring the celebrity everyone loves to hate, Gwyneth Paltrow. Like a Boss.

Gwyneth Paltrow Boss perfumes

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