Hip Sunglasses from IVI and HUF

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Now that officially hipsters have been declared as extinct as dinosaurs and more annoying than Psy doing his Homer Simpson inspired dance, how about we got back to the old ‘hip’ attribute and just plaster it all over the place, see what happens? Take a look at this new promotional video for a new series of sunglasses signed by IVI and HUF. All nice and modern, looking classic with a twist. A ‘hip’ twist!

I actually liked the music (original score signed by Jon Kennedy) and the normal people involved in making it. Which are part of the HUF crew.

This special collection is inspired by Keith Hufnagel, founder of HUF, who just happens to be one of the most influential skateboarders/streetfashion trendsetter. The sunglasses he wore, ‘The Standard’ are the solid base which the entire IVI HUF collaboration was built upon.

iconic sunglasses IVI HUF

Just to give you a hint of the iconic status of IVI sunglasses, Leigh Lezark is the brand’s ambassador this year. You can’t get more hip than Leigh. Except with Chloe Sevigny. Who’ll probably represent the brand next year. Or the following. Oh, and also Pink’s husband, Carey Hart is a fan and ambassador of IVI sunglasses. Now go on, ditch you old faithful Ray Bans and get to IVI work!

Keith Hufnagel sunglasses standard IVI

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