Scarf It Like Holmes: The Many Ways To Wear Your Scarf Every Season!

I suppose I would’ve somehow found a way to tie everything to a book, should I have been a book fanatic. But I’m more of a movie fan. Emphasis on fan and not fanatic. Because in my perspective, a fanatic goes way further in his or her passion. A fan is merely an admirer who doesn’t miss a single good opportunity to enjoy his or her passion. Again, in my humble opinion.

Today I found a new way to tie together (pun intended) two of my biggest passions: movies and scarves. Elementary. Have you had the viewing pleasure? The original TV Series recently wrapped up its first series and although it runs in parallel with a similar themed series broadcasted in the UK (Sherlock), it enjoys tremendous success. I know why I like watching it and I think it’s refreshingly original, I would love to hear your reasons whether you like it or not.

BBC Sherlock CBS Elementary Holmes

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Gisele Bundchen Post Baby Body Covers: Vogue Brazil June 2013

I’m fully conscious that it’s her job to look this way, but seriously? Two months after giving birth, Gisele Bundchen is on the cover of Vogue Brazil June 2013 as photographed by Mario Testino? For a full Body Issue?

On one side I’m happy for her and many mothers out there who have a real model to look up to, someone who doesn’t let the pregnancy get into the way of their body being flawless. But on the other side, I do believe she’s setting some impossibly high to reach standards of physical shape and weight related issues. Mario Testino allegedly photographed her just two months after giving birth and she looked like that. Come on?! Seriously?

Gisele Bundchen Vogue Brazil June 2013 cover

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All Your Magazines Covers Are Belong To Henry Cavill, The New Superman!

Now that the internet meme has evolved up to a point where anyone and everyone (and their respective, respectable dogs) can make their own memes, ‘all your base are belong to us’ is a matter of vintage refinement. Because, in Internet years, 1989, when that meme first appeared on our computer screens equals some thousand years ago in technology evolution.

However, the Man Of Steel is not a matter of contemporary memes. DC Comics’ Superman dates all the way back to 1933 while the first time Superman was available in theaters would be in the early ’40. So, in a way, Superman is a matter of vintage refinement as well. For the connaisseurs. Just like the meme mentioned above.

So here he is, the Superman of the 21 century: Henry Cavill. He’s set to take our movie theaters by storm in the new adaptation of DC Comics’ strips Man Of Steel in less than a month (June 14th).

Superman Magazine covers Henry Cavill Man of Steel

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Kate Upton, The Next Victoria’s Secret Angel?

We’re used to seeing our Angels more on the skinny side but Victoria’s Secret might just have a change of size policy. Perhaps after seeing that she was dubbed The Hottest Supermodel on Earth by Vogue, they needed to revise their attitude and get Kate Upton back after they apparently declared her ‘too obvious’ for their catwalk.

She doesn’t seem too obvious for their catalog, one would believe. Now if she’ll jump from those pages straight into a pair of wings, I doubt it will happen for the next catwalk, but if anything, I’m happy that Kate is bringing a normal-sized silhouette into the pages of lingerie giant. I too believe, like I said it before, that Kate’s ‘in-your-face’ appeal is pretty disturbing for haute fashion purposes. However, should they find her successful with the customers, I think Victoria’s Secret should definitely stick with Miss Upton for further representations. Don’t you agree?

Kate Upton lingerie Victoria s Secret catalog

Mango Brings The Sartorialist And Andres Velencoso Together

It’s been a while since we last talked about Mr Scott Schumann… I’m guessing his Sartorialist goes on as I’ve been keeping a respectful distance ever since Mr Schumann tried to lecture us, mere mortals and fashion amateurs about what fashion and writing about fashion should really be.

I like to keep my spirit free and lecture-free. Especially the smug kind. But it didn’t seem to hurt Mr Schumann’s business, being so smug. Here he is, quietly minding his own lenses for Mango’s next marketing initiative for men (the video after the jump, which you’re not meant to view in its entirely as it runs for almost an hour, will show you that nothing has changed with Mr Schumann. The same ol’ Sartoria-smug-list).

H.E. by Mango Fall 2013 ad campaign is set to be represented for a second consecutive season by Andres Velencoso. Affordable street fast fashion advertising delivered by the Sartorialist himself. A smart initiative from the Spanish fashion giant. Waiting for Zara’s next move as we all know it’s Mango’s immediate competitor.

Andres Velencoso Mango ad campaign by The Sartorialist

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Gatsby’s Tobey Maguire In Zoo Magazine By Brian Adams

We went out and saw The Great Gatsby. I told you we would. But even now, I still prefer Fast and Furious fun over the entire Gatsby industry. I’m like that. A lighthearted girl in her lighthearted bubble. And I love having fun more than I love heavy issues on my daily agenda.

As you well know, there used to be a time when movie studios and hot brands alike were scared of social media and having their original material scattered all over the internet place. Things have changed now (thankfully) and every social channel’s contribution at spreading out the word about this or that product (movies, celebrities, whatever needs advertised) is not only encouraged, but also a blessing. Here I am, like our dear friend Appollonia often says, making my modest contribution to the economy, writing about my perception of The Great Gatsby.

More specifically about Tobey Maguire who was the very narrator of Gatsby’s story and who was just photographed by Bryan Adams for the Summer issue of Zoo Magazine.

Gatsby s Tobey Maguire by Bryan Adams Zoo

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Kate Moss New Hairdo For Vogue Kerastase Promotion

Remember when I said something about Kate Moss being involved in some advertorial contract with L’Oreal Kerastase? Well it hasn’t been that long and we already see the result of that advertising as it has been published by Vogue Paris in their last issue’s pages!

Hair talk is one of my favorite topics and I wouldn’t miss combining that with a dose of Kate Moss! So here she is, reigning queen over all fashion land! The couture hair she has on must’ve been seriously enhanced with extensions here and there as La Moss is famous for her straight, un-puffed hairdo. But she does make quite the hair impression in that picture, even beyond the mandatory Photoshop usage!

Kate Moss new hairdo for Kerastase

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Fashionable Home: Smeg Denim Refrigerator

Trying to find the best solution to match our functional but modern kitchen, I had to compromise between the classic shapes and colors and small tweaks and customization I could do myself on a budget so I had to settle for the best simple option I could find. An all-white kitchen. Which works just great for the moment, like a white canvas.

But look at this refrigerator here! How could one fashionable simple soul like mine can resist it? I fell for it the instant I laid eyes on! Smeg FAB28 Jeans Refrigerator comes in a limited edition of 500. You know what they say, strong flavors come in small lots. Or somewhat like it.

denim refrigerator smeg

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