What Diet Meal Plan Works For You? Let Tracy Anderson Cater It!

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Talking about Gwyneth Paltrow without thinking about Tracy Anderson has become nearly impossible lately as both ladies keep showing how much they have in common besides their obvious similar blond tresses.

An entire workout plan and now a complete diet meal plan. All under Tracy Anderson’s fit umbrella. ella. ella. It must be weird, though, eating less calories by paying more on your food: the magic diet plan starts at $55/day for a 14-day diet. However, the announcement of her Food Program estimates the daily costs for up to a 12-months long plan (in which case it’s ‘only’ costing you $45.95/day.

the right diet program from Tracy Anderson

I’m guessing it would be hard to give up your diet-long work when you’d pay for just as much as you would for a fancy luxurious new car (based on Tracy Anderson’s year long program calculations). It’s interesting if you do the math, believe me!

Did I not tell you that everybody is going foodie these days? (if you’re interested to join the program or just do the math yourself, it’s all on foodprogrambyta dot com)

Tracy Anderson diet menu program examples

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#1 Appollonia on 05.22.13 at 10:48 am

I noticed that lots of celebs are “going foodie”.
Besides that I don’t need a diet since I am slender can not afford to eat expensive food like that. Plus it’s hard to find all the right and often exclusive ingredients they usually recommend.

I rather read about healthy and realistic recipes. Affordable for us the common people. And…..ah, never mind….

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