Latest Fashion In Photographing Your Kids

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As a mother, I always tried to capture some of the most important moments in our kids life on camera. It’s just the way of life. My memory doesn’t serve me well enough as to project on a wall the first tooth that came off, the first steps or the first topping cream smear. Every ‘first’ in our kids lives was relevant and a must on camera. And kids parties offer such an amazing festival of crazy beautiful moments ready for the camera’s shutter!

But, mind you, times have changed, and the old-fashioned princess-themed or pirates-inspired party isn’t cool anymore. They’re out of charm, out of style. Just like an old print on an old shirt. Soon enough, princess parties will become vintage. Flavors of another era. The tutu-era. When all girls were brought up as princesses and all boys were brought up as pirates. Or something of the kind.

Now, in order to be cool these days, you have to lift up the standards at never-before attained heights of the creative imagination. Like… an ants party or, maybe costume your kids as Star Trekkies or Iron Man House Party characters… Because, you know, a tutu won’t man up your little girl and a medieval chevalier won’t soften up your little boy.

Escaping the clichés is pushing us towards new, unexplored fields of creativity of which the two photographers we’ll talk about today are indisputable pioneers. Or so I think.

recreating iconic photos Jamie C Moore photography

One of them was suggested by our dear friend Ellington and the other crossed my visual path the same day as she sent me the link I just mentioned. Jaime C. Moore and Bill Gekas both photographers, both embraced the creative opportunity offered by their little girls and captured them in the recreation of historical moments of characters.

recreating classic paintings Bill Gekas photography

Jaime C. Moore wanted to do something special for her daughter’s fifth birthday and didn’t find something representative enough as a Disney princess party wasn’t fit for her daughter. So she looked for iconic women who empowered the gender throughout the history with their bravery and integrity. Pioneers in their own right, the women Jaime chose for her daughter to model are all inspiring and amazing. Will that help the little girl feel more blessed than Laura Fernee felt at her work place? Time will tell.

Amelia Earhart Jamie C Moore photography

Bill Gekas, on the other hand, chose something else for his daughter, off-path but deeply artistic and creative casting her in the recreation of famous paintings. Is that better than the princess cliché? Is that more empowering than a pink tutu? Will both these pioneering parents ensure a better, fairer path in the life of their daughters? Should we all take note and change our clichés in spite of all odds? I’m a simple girl with simple pleasures but my heart is full of doubt and my mind is full of questions. Will you help me find the right answers?

little girl classic painting like photography Bill Gekas

little girl as Jane Goodall Jamie C Moore photography

Bill Gekas daughter photographed recreating classic paintings


#1 Ellington on 05.21.13 at 2:57 pm

I love this Kpriss!
I so wish that little girls and some ‘big’ girls too, knew more about these famous paintings, female icons, and trailblazers.
Seeing this gives me a big smile and some hope. : )

#2 kpriss on 05.22.13 at 12:43 am

culture is optional nowadays. iPads aren’t :( I wish it were the other way around…

calligraphy will soon be extinct, let alone common knowledge of art and art history.

#3 Appollonia on 05.22.13 at 10:03 am

That’s great and educative. These children obviously love to pose like this.

My favourites are the little Amelia Earhart and Jane Goodall. Little ‘Jane Goodall’ looks so happy. As if she sees herself saving the gorillas. :)

#4 Sandra Costa on 06.01.13 at 2:50 pm

nice and very original idea for children photographin’

❤ xO!

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