Angelina Jolie Expecting Twins – More Tent Dresses to Come

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So last years baby boom is not enough for Angie. She’s on the twin spree now!

At least that’s what we’re supposed to believe from the latest stories announcing that she’s expecting a boy and a girl. Now everyone’s gonna join the photoshop arena and make suppositions on how the babies are going to look like (just as they did for Shiloh). Later on everyone’s going to propose baby names and then just wait the due-day and bet on how much the first photos are going to cost and who’s going to make them public.

Angelina Jolie Pregnant Tent Dress

On the other side, the fashion & style eyes are going to be amazed by the alarmingly increasing number of tent dresses Angie’s going to sport every outing, criticizing the ample cleavage and, eventually, the shades because that’s all they’re going to see. She’s making it look so dull, fashionably speaking – tent dress today, tomorrow another tent dress, in a week, well, what do you know? Again another tent dress! Go shop’em now, ladies, tent dresses will be a summer hit!
So what do you say? Twins? How far along? And those dresses?
(pictures justjared)


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