Kate Moss New Hairdo For Vogue Kerastase Promotion

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Remember when I said something about Kate Moss being involved in some advertorial contract with L’Oreal Kerastase? Well it hasn’t been that long and we already see the result of that advertising as it has been published by Vogue Paris in their last issue’s pages!

Hair talk is one of my favorite topics and I wouldn’t miss combining that with a dose of Kate Moss! So here she is, reigning queen over all fashion land! The couture hair she has on must’ve been seriously enhanced with extensions here and there as La Moss is famous for her straight, un-puffed hairdo. But she does make quite the hair impression in that picture, even beyond the mandatory Photoshop usage!

Kate Moss new hairdo for Kerastase

Kate Moss Kerastase ad campaign

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#1 ana on 05.27.13 at 10:06 am

Go big or go home …

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