All Your Magazines Covers Are Belong To Henry Cavill, The New Superman!

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Now that the internet meme has evolved up to a point where anyone and everyone (and their respective, respectable dogs) can make their own memes, ‘all your base are belong to us’ is a matter of vintage refinement. Because, in Internet years, 1989, when that meme first appeared on our computer screens equals some thousand years ago in technology evolution.

However, the Man Of Steel is not a matter of contemporary memes. DC Comics’ Superman dates all the way back to 1933 while the first time Superman was available in theaters would be in the early ’40. So, in a way, Superman is a matter of vintage refinement as well. For the connaisseurs. Just like the meme mentioned above.

So here he is, the Superman of the 21 century: Henry Cavill. He’s set to take our movie theaters by storm in the new adaptation of DC Comics’ strips Man Of Steel in less than a month (June 14th).

Superman Magazine covers Henry Cavill Man of Steel

In preparation for his return on the big screen, Superman is taking almost every magazine cover available. From Details to international movie magazines, Henry Cavill tries to establish himself as the new Man of Steel. The new Super Man. Will that resonate further than the comics fanbase? Will that change the way we see our (super) men? I doubt it will. At least as far as I’m concerned, I’ll only be watching the movie with my movie fan eyes. The best it could happen for Mr Cavill here is to plaster his face over the legend that was Christopher Reeve as Superman. Will he do it? I guess we’ll just wait and see.. Until then: all your covers are belong to Superman! (wink)

the new Superman Henry Cavill Details Magazine

Superman suit Henry Cavill men magazine

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#1 Appollonia on 06.09.13 at 10:14 am

I loved Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon the Duke of Suffolk in The Tudors series. He was my favourite. He really is a good actor besides his good looks.
I had to get used to his action hero stuff…..I give him the benefit of the doubt with his Superman part. I loved Christopher Reeve. And will always remember him fondly.
These men have something in common though. Both are besides good looking men also real good actors. Both are also modest men.
So, go Henry! :)

Not that bad either that it’s Russell Crowe who plays the father part and a another favourite Amy Adams as Lois Lane.
I would give this film a try. In the cinema for a change. Despite I adore the older Superman films :)

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