Mango Brings The Sartorialist And Andres Velencoso Together

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It’s been a while since we last talked about Mr Scott Schumann… I’m guessing his Sartorialist goes on as I’ve been keeping a respectful distance ever since Mr Schumann tried to lecture us, mere mortals and fashion amateurs about what fashion and writing about fashion should really be.

I like to keep my spirit free and lecture-free. Especially the smug kind. But it didn’t seem to hurt Mr Schumann’s business, being so smug. Here he is, quietly minding his own lenses for Mango’s next marketing initiative for men (the video after the jump, which you’re not meant to view in its entirely as it runs for almost an hour, will show you that nothing has changed with Mr Schumann. The same ol’ Sartoria-smug-list).

H.E. by Mango Fall 2013 ad campaign is set to be represented for a second consecutive season by Andres Velencoso. Affordable street fast fashion advertising delivered by the Sartorialist himself. A smart initiative from the Spanish fashion giant. Waiting for Zara’s next move as we all know it’s Mango’s immediate competitor.

Andres Velencoso Mango ad campaign by The Sartorialist

After watching the video below, you might find there’s a lot to say about what Mr Schumann talks about during the press conference. I don’t want you to hold back on that. Think of this as a post-movie watching discussion. Let’s debate! (evil wink) you gotta admit that the description ‘I loved the energy of the campaign, you [Andres] on the bicycle, on the scooter…’ is a pretty diplomatic way of digressing from the actual campaign and the actual clothes talk. After all, a campaign for Mango is not the same as a campaign for Tiffany

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