Gatsby’s Tobey Maguire In Zoo Magazine By Brian Adams

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We went out and saw The Great Gatsby. I told you we would. But even now, I still prefer Fast and Furious fun over the entire Gatsby industry. I’m like that. A lighthearted girl in her lighthearted bubble. And I love having fun more than I love heavy issues on my daily agenda.

As you well know, there used to be a time when movie studios and hot brands alike were scared of social media and having their original material scattered all over the internet place. Things have changed now (thankfully) and every social channel’s contribution at spreading out the word about this or that product (movies, celebrities, whatever needs advertised) is not only encouraged, but also a blessing. Here I am, like our dear friend Appollonia often says, making my modest contribution to the economy, writing about my perception of The Great Gatsby.

More specifically about Tobey Maguire who was the very narrator of Gatsby’s story and who was just photographed by Bryan Adams for the Summer issue of Zoo Magazine.

Gatsby s Tobey Maguire by Bryan Adams Zoo

Everyone was brilliant. Every member of the cast and the crew who made this production possible. From Baz Luhrmann and Leonardo DiCaprio, down to whoever catered their food every day. They did a wonderful job and the movie is outstanding, from the cinematic perspective. As stoked as I was about the extravagant décor, the clothing and the acting, I was never a big fan of the story. Of the morals of the story. And this, my dahlings, is where my Gatsby adoration ends. On the rotten perspective of all that is shallow and ruined by money issues.

Tobey Maguire Zoo by Bryan Adams

Tobey Maguire, however, doesn’t cease to surprise me. First I though his decision to leave the Spider Man franchise behind was a bad idea. But now I see it wasn’t. He’s got great acting qualities and it would amazing if he would find the right projects to help him do just that. For him and, especially, for us, for our viewing pleasure!

Tobey Maguire Zoo magazine pictorial

This lovely epic and witty pictorial from Zoo Magazine brilliantly shot by Bryan Adams highlights Tobey Maguire’s funny yet dramatic side, his chameleonic ability to blend in a setting and identify with a situation so much as you’d take him as part of the scenery. But make no mistake, no-no! Tobey Maguire is not for granted. His acting has abyssal depths and rainbow heights. He can make you see unicorns and tornado-ed landscapes with the same ease and equal dedication. Tobey Maguire, my dahlings, was to Gatsby’s DiCaprio what Joseph Gordon-Levitt was to Inception’s DiCaprio and more. Tobey Maguire was The Great revelation to my Gatsby. What was yours?

Tobey Maguire Zoo magazine pictorial by Bryan Adams

Gatsby s Tobey Maguire Zoo magazine pictorial

Tobey Maguire Zoo magazine summer issue

Bryan Adams photographed Tobey Maguire for Zoo Magazine

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