Fashionable Home: Smeg Denim Refrigerator

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Trying to find the best solution to match our functional but modern kitchen, I had to compromise between the classic shapes and colors and small tweaks and customization I could do myself on a budget so I had to settle for the best simple option I could find. An all-white kitchen. Which works just great for the moment, like a white canvas.

But look at this refrigerator here! How could one fashionable simple soul like mine can resist it? I fell for it the instant I laid eyes on! Smeg FAB28 Jeans Refrigerator comes in a limited edition of 500. You know what they say, strong flavors come in small lots. Or somewhat like it.

denim refrigerator smeg

The FAB28 is a classic model from Smeg while the denim makeover comes from a partnership with design firm Italia Independent. It may occur to you that it’s just a design issue, but high technology also lends a hand to the process as the fabric covering the refrigerator is treated with a nanotechnology called ‘Plasma’ which offers protection from accidental splashing (water, milk, juice and oil). All that for apx $2,500. In Milan. Any DIY ideas?

blue jeans refrigerator

denim refrigerator

jeans kitchen refrigerator smeg

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