Scarf It Like Holmes: The Many Ways To Wear Your Scarf Every Season!

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I suppose I would’ve somehow found a way to tie everything to a book, should I have been a book fanatic. But I’m more of a movie fan. Emphasis on fan and not fanatic. Because in my perspective, a fanatic goes way further in his or her passion. A fan is merely an admirer who doesn’t miss a single good opportunity to enjoy his or her passion. Again, in my humble opinion.

Today I found a new way to tie together (pun intended) two of my biggest passions: movies and scarves. Elementary. Have you had the viewing pleasure? The original TV Series recently wrapped up its first series and although it runs in parallel with a similar themed series broadcasted in the UK (Sherlock), it enjoys tremendous success. I know why I like watching it and I think it’s refreshingly original, I would love to hear your reasons whether you like it or not.

BBC Sherlock CBS Elementary Holmes

Of course, do not expect me to go more than scarf-deep into the character’s analysis, as I’ve come to the conclusion, over the years, that more I elaborate my movie-based discussions, more the number of those who actually read what I wrote thinners visibly annoyed by my long phrases and fictional profiling. (long phrases, yes, you’re reading that right, by internet standards, a viable message should limit itself to 140 characters, like a Tweet. Where do I stand with my 257-no spaces or 305 with spaces phrase written above? Somewhere on the same shelf with ‘the ancients’, under thick layers of dust and oblivion. Non appealable to the new interwebs. End of rant.)

Now: I don’t want to rob you of the pleasure of discovering Holmes as he was crayoned in Elementary, but I do want you to keep an open mind. He’s not Sir Conan Doyle’s Sherlock but a modern interpretation of the brilliant detective. So is Watson. Who’s actually surprising for those who are only familiar with the classic fictional character. And because the series wrapped up amazingly, I can only reveal this much: do keep a very open mind about Moriarty! Enough said! Try a taste of Elementary yourself, it’s really worth it!

how to wear a summer scarf 15 ways

Back to the scarf: I tried scooping into the Elementary costumes mystery. With little success. Although I really like what Watson is wearing and Holmes’ daily outfits outshine those of one of my favorite characters in television right now, BBT’s Sheldon, there is little (read: next to nothing) information about who’s picking out their clothes and who’s the magic stylist from the wonderful team behind Elementary. One of Holmes’ distinct signature accessories is his scarf. Sure, you’ve seen that on BBC’s Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch slipped into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character’s shoes from 2010, so you can clearly consider Elementary’s an act of pure imitation).

how to tie a scarf 12 fancy ways

As a scarf passionate, I noticed and appreciated the man-scarf and as in homage to that and to our dear friends Ellington and Appollonia who both suggested I write about the many ways of wearing a scarf, I decided to bring my passions together in a friendly narrative act with as many cinematographic implications as style reverberations. Hoping that my lines and the visuals (provided gracefully by scarvesdotnet) brought something new for you today, I’m wrapping up this topic. For now!


#1 Appollonia on 05.30.13 at 9:48 am

The Sherlock series also with Lucy Liu? No I haven’t seen it yet. I am under the spell of some Scandinavian series at the moment.

Nice, but how do I tie these scarfs? Nr 12 is easy: great on a beach terrace. Once we sunbathed topless but times have changed…I liked to be covered up though on a terrace though. And this was a good way to do it ;)

Nr 10 is one of my faves since I found the way to do it by coincidence while I was bored and tried some things to a scarf….

#2 kpriss on 05.30.13 at 9:52 am

ah you spoiler, you! Lolz! Have refrained myself in saying too much about Elementary because it’s sooo.. well… unconventional! Puritans (and by that I mean those who rather have their Sherlock by the book) still complain about the twists of the Elementary writers. I love that series! Every episode is delightful and the season ending was magnificent!

#3 Appollonia on 05.30.13 at 10:12 am

Spoiler? But I saw it all over the web….???
I’m gonna watch it when it’s broadcast here since I love as well Jonny as Lucy :)

#4 ana on 05.30.13 at 10:14 am

I am OBSESSED with scarves. Since December I bought 18!! I swear. 18!! Yesterday I had to refrain myself of buying 2 others that I totally fell in love with. Refrain myself isnt the true tough. A friend who was shopping with me forbade me to buy any other scarve! It sounds silly,I know, i know. But I am buying many many less shoes too. Perhaps it is a kind of compensation ?
It was a leopard print pink(hey kpriss…) plus the skulls from McQueen. The LAST in the store.. on SALE ,50% reduced price .
Gone… forever :-(
I recommend you girls NEVER check net-a-porter accessories section. Your credit card will be in danger.It is toooo tempting! and this coming from a woman who hates online shopping.

#5 kpriss on 05.30.13 at 1:36 pm

I’m on an online boutiques ban. Self imposed! Because I know all-to well what your warning is all about, ana! I had weeks when each morning started with a visit here and there while sipping on the morning coffee, building adrenaline click after click on the accessories pages&the sales pages! sigh!

Ah, the pink scarf! And skulls too! oh, ana! You’re so strong! I really admire you on that one, I don’t think I could’ve walk away! I’m practicing some kind of substitute therapy though. With nails and such. Works fine for a couple of months. Although I’m drooling already whenever I see a beauty shop or a new nail polish collection! Trapped inside my own ruse!

Appollonia you’re right, I’m excessively mysterious when all the posters play on the she-Watson card! Well, at least you don’t know what happens next ;-) . It’s really a lovely series (semi-brainless entertainment).

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