20 Inspiring Ideas For Casual Fall Outfits

If you’re scouting the wide alleys of the fashion interwebs for outfits inspiration every day, every season, every year, this is a stop you have to make to get your looks straight.

You can’t get any more into fall than this. It’s the very peak of fall, from here on, the only destination I look forward to is Christmas. However, until that ho-ho-holiday’s time dangles its shine and bells all around me, I’d like to take a moment and focus on fall. On fall outfits. Because, honestly, I need some inspiration there! So join me on the comforting road to casual gorgeousness among fallen leaves and cinnamon smell.

As you’ve seen me year after year, I tend to favor denim and all those wonderful comfy looks that makes a quality casual, relaxed but also fashionable getup. And each season, fall included, I get high doses of inspiration from jeans-based outfits, funky seasonal accessories and unexpectedly cool mix&match throws.

{1} The retro denim look: essentially flared and floor-length jeans make your legs look fairly endless, keep your lovely toes away from the cold but will also wipe the wet streets while doing so. Careful about the weather, choose this outfit wisely on windy or sunny, dry days and store it away when it rains (or snows). I personally favor a pair of wide legged flared jeans at this point.

Inspiring fall outfits Retro Denim Look

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Irina Shayk, New Fashion Star In Ibiza: Vogue Spain Vs Cavalli C&A

Forget Kate Upton, forget Emily Ratajkovski! The model of the moment, at least as far as Vogue Spain is concerned, is none the other but Irina Shayk! So whether you agree with that classification or not, this story will only show you that this was a very busy for Irina!

Last week, I noticed there was a new international edition of Vogue pushing its November 2013 issue cover. From it, sensually gazing back at me was Irina Shayk as photographed by Giampaolo Sgura in her first Vogue session.

Irina Shayk Vogue Spain nov13 Cavalli CandA collection

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Natalie Portman From Dior Lady To Thor Lady

Looking forward to the new Thor? Scheduled to launch in theaters worldwide next month, Thor is already on full Red Carpet marketing tour with its stars on tow! And despite the movie’s men eyecandy, the real showstopper (at least as far as the Red Carpet goes) is Natalie Portman, Thor’s Lady Love.

Her most recent Red Carpet outfits – all Dior, baby! – not only matched her allure and personality, but also enhanced her natural grace and glow. Everybody loves Natalie Portman. And it seems that the good marketing people from Dior know that as well. She’s one of the three leading ladies of their ad campaigns. All of them being loved by everyone! Not a single disapproving voice could rise against Jennifer Lawrence or Marion Cotillard, could it?

Their natural poise, elegance and discrete and private way of life make them perfectly profiled for their Dior ladies respective titles. But we’ll get back to that later, now let’s focus on Natalie!

Natalie Portman Thor premiere dress Dior

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Kanye West Hides Faces, Shows Underwear For New Tour

You know you love it when fashion collides with gossip, so give in to that guilty pleasure with me and let’s fashion some gossip together! Kanye! Today is Kanye West’s turn to take the stand in our perpetually shaping styletrial.

Remember when Kim Kardashian mentioned something about Kanye being too busy preparing for his upcoming tour? Well, the said Yeezus tour kickstarted Saturday night with a Seattle gig that’s keeping every gossip columnist busy for the past couple of days! But if you did miss the news (that’s pretty hard to believe) or if you simply want to talk that talk, let’s hit the jump and give it a fashionable try!

Kanye West concert torn pants face mask

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Johnny Depp Wears Dr Martens Boots

Affordable star style? Mais biensur, we’re all loving that! Beyond the haute labels and fancy stylists, some of our beloved a-listers can actually afford wearing normal clothes/shoes. Yes, it’s a question of affordability, since they can’t go ahead and cheapen out their own brand by wearing ordinary items! Just imagine Kanye West wearing clothes from H&M? Wouldn’t that be the end of Yeezus?

Remember we talked about Gwen Stefani being photographed out and about in Converse Sneakers and Dr Martens boots? Well, besides noticing Johnny Depp’s new blond mane, I was very distraught of his almost too-put-together look! Until I saw his footwear! I mean… 5 piece mansuit worn with Dr Martens boots? The man is surely having some kind of mid-life crisis… But that’s his problem! What we can make good out of this story is that we too can afford wearing boots like Johnny Depp’s! woo-hoo!

Johnny Depp evening suit Dr Martens boots

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Care For Lagerfeld Shin Tanaka Paper Toys?

Anyone seeing the resemblance between paper and Karl Lagerfeld? I am. Karl is just as versatile and adaptable, as classic but innovative, as apparently sterile but inspiring as a paper. As such, his collaboration (well, sort of) with Japanese artist Shin Tanaka, is the perfect fashion/life metaphor.

Last week (Oct. 17th), a paper installation signed by Shin Tanaka was unveiled at Lagerfeld’s Paris boutique and it will continue to be exhibited in the Left Bank store’s windows until October 27 when it will move to Berlin from November 24, as reported by wwd. The initiative, suggestively named KarlxShin Paper Mania counts several paper models inspired by the designer (and his cat, biensur). Shin Tanaka is notorious for making just one piece of each design, so don’t expect these ‘toys’ to go out on a large scale any time soon (perhaps for charity/auction purposes?) but you’ll always have the Steiff bears or the stuffed puppet also made in Karl’s likeness.

Karl Lagerfeld with his paper toys by Shin Tanaka

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What To Wear To A Fall Event? Outfit Inspired By Karlie Kloss

Do you feel inspired by models’ wardrobe? And I’m not talking about their catwalk clothes, biensur, I’m talking about their off-duty looks: how fashionable you think they are?

I’m not one to stare at street fashion photography for hours on end: maybe the glory days of the street fashion photographers are at their twilight, maybe I found inspiration elsewhere. Either way, if there’s one thing I can say for certain is that not all fashion editors are alike (although Vogue Paris’ editorial team seems to be keen on showing the same weight, same jeans type, same type of blouse/tee/shirt and pretty much the same type of shoes) and most definitely not all models are alike.

This is the second time I found myself staring and daydreaming at one of the outfits worn by Karlie Kloss while attending an official event: remember her appearance for Mercedes Benz? Now it’s for Montblanc’s opening on Madison Avenue yesterday (October 22) and she’s once more wearing an all-black ensemble that’s oh-so-inspiring!

Karlie Kloss pencil skirt black shirt MontBlanc event

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Kelly Clarkson’s Wedding Dress Temperley London Jessamine

Kelly Clarkson is now a married woman! While expressing our most sincere congratulations and well wishes is l’ordre du jour, how about we check out that gorgeous dress she was wearing?

After all, she really kept it all under wraps this time, didn’t she? After trying to plan a huge wedding, both Kelly and her then-fiancé, Brandon Blackstock, realized that it may be just a little bit too big? Too public? Too not their style? So they cancelled the ‘huge’ thing and went for a smaller, intimate, more personal ceremony this past weekend.

Kelly Clarkson wedding dress Temperley London

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