3 Fashion Fails From Interview November 2013 With Claire Danes

Curious and hungry for more Homeland? Hoping for Claire Danes to spill more secrets from the series backstage with every new magazine she’s in?

She’s on the cover of the November 2013 issue of Interview magazine and the inside story was penned by Dustin Hoffman. That sounds promising enough, doesn’t it? Because as far as the fashion quality of her pictorial, I was rather disappointed. Fabien Baron signed the photographs that seem to deliver a new level of glamour for Claire, as styled by Karl Temper. And while everything looks perfect, 3 fashion fails sneaked up in this visual story! Let’s see if you found them as well:

Claire Danes Interview November 2013 golden cover

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New Red Carpet Sensation: Cleavage Is The New Black

7 fabulous ladies will show you how to put your cleavage in the spotlight for the new season! Summer endless tanned pins are no longer a show off on the Red Carpet. Dramatic décolletés have claimed the main spotlight as we’re approaching the Holiday Season.

Over the past couple of weeks I noticed a few daring ladies who illustrated the above while attending official events all around the world. Let’s get inspired from:

Anna Faris was edgy yet very demure in her white Herve Leger by Max Azria dress. She chose to highlight her cleavage through the fishnet panels of her bodyglove dress. Very chic, yet only suitable for perfect bodies as the stretchy white fabric is utterly unforgiving with one’s silhouette!

Anna Faris white dress Herve Leger Max Azria

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Dare To Wear Unique Steampunk Jewelry By Pete And Veronica?

Would you describe yourself as a whimsical person? Would you rather go indie than splurge a month’s salary on the latest Vuitton bag? Gather round, you’re among friends!

These were just two of the questions that popped in my mind because I wanted to talk about something more offbeat and less cliché today. I wanted to ask you the ‘Dare to Wear’ question… Dare to Wear Steampunk jewelry? Because I came across a rather magical collection!

Pete and Veronica’s unique handmade jewelry have a strange appeal to them, a distinct magic and mysticism that’s pertinent to the steampunk jewelry kind.

steampunk zipper butterfly handmade necklace

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5 Simple Outfit Updates For Fall And Thanksgiving

Looking for fall fashion inspiration? It’s November, Thanksgiving month, high time to bring fall updates to your daily outfits! Stop a minute and catch your breath while reading these lines, you might find something useful!

I was thinking about some minor tweaks I could bring into my routine wardrobe without making too much of an orange-themed look or fall-ing into seasonal fashion despair. The cold season can do that to one’s closet as transitioning from frilly dressing to comfy outfits can make way for some lovely experiments.

Just 5 simple tweaks for your day-to-day look to tune you into the new fall fashion season without making to much fuss about it and just be thankful for your wardrobe’s fill… Hit the jump, let’s countdown to Thanksgiving!

fall outfit update Thanksgiving orange shoes

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25 Great Thanksgiving Nails Ideas!

Do you have plans for Thanksgiving this year? Family feasts all the way, huh? How about your outfit: anything particular in mind for the occasion? I’m taking upon myself to inspire your nails for Thanksgiving!

With not one but 25 Thanksgiving manicure ideas to pick from. You’ve got turkeys, you’ve got glitter and shimmer, you’ve got feathers, you’ve got feasts and leaves, skittles and marbled, I’m sure you’ll find some useful ideas to paint on your nails for Thanksgiving!

An essentially fall festive day, the Thanksgiving tradition goes well beyond the borders of the United States of America (they celebrate Thanksgiving in Japan, did you know that?) or Canada. Slightly different dates (for instance, they celebrated Thanksgiving on October 14th in Canada this year) but still revolving around the same idea of giving thanks for the year’s fall harvest.

You’ll notice a great deal of Turkey manis as Turkey is the main dish of the traditional (American) Thanksgiving dinner. At such point that Thanksgiving is sometimes called ‘Turkey Day’, so let’s get inspired!

Thanksgiving nails yellow red orange turkey

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6 Style Lessons From Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani

Are you fascinated by Franca Sozzani’s power over fashion and time? Just like Anna Wintour, Franca has managed to lead Vogue’s editorial office for 25 years and still counting.

Unlike her US counterpart, Franca is always trying to push the boundaries of fashion imagery. She’s always tried to conceptualize this or that strange attitude or place because fashion stories tend to look alike. Models tend to be more uniformly beautiful while photographers can become stuck in routinely photographing the same clothes. Franca Sozzani found her style. And her style and is strong and interesting.

Here are 6 of her golden rules:
{6} Don’t be a follower, take risks! Franca Sozzani has been the editor in chief of Vogue Italia for as long as Anna Wintour has been the editor in chief of Vogue US. She considers strange or ugly people to me more interesting and stronger.

Franca Sozzani style lessons

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5 Nails Essential Kits From The New Black With Demi Lovato

Do you count Demi Lovato between your go-to-references when it comes to fashion and style? Since she took the X Factor judge position, Demi Lovato has grown into our hearts and now she’s slowly sneaking into our beauty case.

Through her 20 Million Twitter followers (Mother of All Tweets! 20 Million!), Demi has made her nails famous by tweeting off her new fancy manicures during the taping of the TV shows. Naturally, from wearing nail polish, the next logical step is creating nail polish. Well, sort of.

The New Black and Demi Lovato partnered for a special edition of essentially fashionable nail polish kits. Curious? Hit the jump to get inspired!

Demi Lovato manicure nail polish The New Black

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Top 3 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes This Year

In the very spirit of the ‘what were they wearing’ philosophy we all treasure and guide our after-fancy-events days, I scrolled up and down the interwebs for your delight and scooped the best Halloween Costumes this year our a-z-listers wore!

Of course as I’m writing about this, it’s my top 3 so you’re more than welcome to broaden my views, expand my Halloween horizons with your favorite famous spooky looks. As we’re already in November, I’ll waste no more precious time and kick off 2013 Best Halloween Costumes:

{3} Iggy Azalea as Cruella DeVil:

Iggy Azalea Halloween costume Cruella DeVil

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