5 Fab Pink Finds To Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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We’re already half through October, the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. The official color designated for the cause is – which other? – pink. As Angelina Jolie started an incredible buzz when she confessed publicly to her double mastectomy, I feel there’s definitely need to spread the word even more, to try and reach out to those in need of more information, of more support to detect and intervene in the earliest stages of the disease.

As such, I decided to write about the cause and try to do my part in this story. As do others. Because I care and because I think we should all care. But I try to look at things from a positive perspective: I have family history, thus I’m biased in my approach. I have a loving family and this helps me in thinking ‘pink’. And I’m not the only one! Pink pops up everywhere around us and here’s just a handful of some surprising pink finds to honor the Breast Cancer Awareness cause:

Candice Swanepoel ad Versace Bright Crystal Absolu perfume

{5} Pink Perfume: Versace Bright Crystal Absolu. The newest perfume launch from the house of Versace is promoted by beautiful Candice Swanepoel and the promise of a long lasting, intense, love full smell. Notes of pomegranate, raspberry, lotus, peony, acajou, musk and amber offer an interesting, rich and powerful blend.

amazing mobile sleeping pillow Ostrich pillow StudioBanana

{4} Pink Pillow: Ostrich Pillow Light is one of those innovations we’re all so grateful for! At least those who try it are! It’s a collar that doubles as a pillow for power naps on the go. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, bus or car, just pull that ringed pillow over your eyes like the picture shows and you’re good to dream! Like the ever so creative guys from Studio Banana say: a 20 minutes power nap increases our productivity by 30%!

Pink Marvel Spider Girl costume

{3} Pink Costume: Marvel Spider Girl Costume. I saw this costume the other day while I was looking for some serious Halloween inspiration and although it brought some serious heat over at Jezebel, I think it’s not a bad idea at all. Girls love pink, some of them even love being creative and I see nothing wrong in doing a girly version of the Spider Man costume. After all, where would all the fun be if you had a boy and girl and they’d both want to go as Spider Man? Imagine the limitation! Ugh!

new Nike Air Yeezy by Kanye West

{2} Pink Sneakers: Nike Air Yeezy 2 ‘Red October’ promise a vivid red but look so much like pink instead! Not that I would mind, au contraire! Kanye West’s second coming for Nike with his Air Yeezy 2 sneakers is approaching. Kimmy had her first pair delivered already, would you want yours? (if they prove to be red, I propose we all sign a petition suggesting that the next pair to be bright, neon pink)

Iceland pink ribbon highway Breast Cancer support

{1} Pink Highway: the Pink Ribbon Highway in Iceland is the utmost manifestation of support in the name of Breast Cancer! Giving thanks to the Icelandic Cancer Society and the Brandenburg creative agency who worked together in this project, I gracefully invite you all to take a look at the wonderful pink ribbon symbolizing how big and how amazing the cause can get!

5 is not much. But it is something. And should we all contribute in the smallest way, great things can be achieved. In any and all ways, not just the one I chose to highlight today. Breast Cancer, as all other forms of cancer, is not fully explained or comprehended by specialists or patients alike. There’s an important number of factors that may or may not contribute to one’s health but hardly any as vital as stress and well-being. Positive thinking has proven its benefits over and over again, not just in our daily approach of life’s routine, but also in more important events happening around us.

Percentages and DNA structures could thicken up the mist surrounding Breast Cancer or cancer in general. Don’t try to judge in numbers, don’t try to judge in rules. Whilst permanent checkups will help detect any change in one’s body, there’s no trigger warning us about the effects of the slightest change in our mind. In our hearts. In our subconscious being.

Keeping it positive is a powerful driving force in any individual’s life and I discovered that love is my driving force. Love is what makes me tick, love is what keeps me safe and sound. Hopefully it will continue to do so for years on end.

There’s so much about everything that’s around me I love and that helps me keeping it together. I love my Adored Husband, our restless kids and our sweet dog, our busy, noisy house, our green, green grass and our tall trees. The bugs and the bees, the sunshine and the butterflies, the flowers and the wind, the rain and the snow. I love glitter, frilly skirts and flowy dresses. I love dark mascara and red nails, I love cartoons and I love studded boots just as much as I love see through shirts and tiger cubs. I could go on but that’s my story and we each have our own. A love and loving story that’s helping us through the storm and the drizzle. Let love guide you and help you through anything!

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