Kanye West Hides Faces, Shows Underwear For New Tour

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You know you love it when fashion collides with gossip, so give in to that guilty pleasure with me and let’s fashion some gossip together! Kanye! Today is Kanye West’s turn to take the stand in our perpetually shaping styletrial.

Remember when Kim Kardashian mentioned something about Kanye being too busy preparing for his upcoming tour? Well, the said Yeezus tour kickstarted Saturday night with a Seattle gig that’s keeping every gossip columnist busy for the past couple of days! But if you did miss the news (that’s pretty hard to believe) or if you simply want to talk that talk, let’s hit the jump and give it a fashionable try!

Kanye West concert torn pants face mask

You do remember that Kanye West has haute fashion ambitions, right? In order to achieve his fashion superstar status, he has to make some controversial choices, pull some stunning style aces from his fashion sleeves and turn into a fashion fairy overnight.


He took it upon himself to remodel Kimmy’s wardrobe and reshape her fame status through the rings of style and good fashion taste. I’m watching the process with great interest and keep observing fail after fail down Kimmy’s bumpy road to fashion redemption.

But Yeezus is his own fashion enigma and as such, he decided to collaborate with one of fashion’s most emblematic houses, Maison Martin Margiela, on a special edition of stage outfits designed for his Yeezusness. Ah, yes, I’m talking about the Face Masks. Of which he worn no less than four as reported by people.

Kanye West face mask Maison Martin Margiela new tour

Four bedazzled face masks worn by Kanye while he’ll perform the concerts in his tour until December 7 (his last concert this year, in Huston). How he’s seeing and singing through those things, is simply beyond my understanding. But there’s only one Yeezus, so I guess everything goes for him: dancing with his mask on, showing a Jeesus lookalike on stage, singing atop of a mountain, jumping up and down and ripping his leather fancy pants… Even marrying Kim Kardashian. He’s the fashion redemption, he’s the style knowledge and the couture master!

Kanye West new tour Jesus stage

We’ve seen high and low for our beloved stage performers, but the controversy always seems to go down their pants, somehow. From Gaga’s notorious lack of to Miley’s perplexing ‘twerking’ and now to Kanye’s leather rip: Mr West is a walking singing controversy.

Kanye West Yeezus tour routine

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#1 Appollonia on 10.25.13 at 5:28 am

Yeezus is a great album though. I love it! Listen, just listen to Kanye is fine.

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