Johnny Depp Wears Dr Martens Boots

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Affordable star style? Mais biensur, we’re all loving that! Beyond the haute labels and fancy stylists, some of our beloved a-listers can actually afford wearing normal clothes/shoes. Yes, it’s a question of affordability, since they can’t go ahead and cheapen out their own brand by wearing ordinary items! Just imagine Kanye West wearing clothes from H&M? Wouldn’t that be the end of Yeezus?

Remember we talked about Gwen Stefani being photographed out and about in Converse Sneakers and Dr Martens boots? Well, besides noticing Johnny Depp’s new blond mane, I was very distraught of his almost too-put-together look! Until I saw his footwear! I mean… 5 piece mansuit worn with Dr Martens boots? The man is surely having some kind of mid-life crisis… But that’s his problem! What we can make good out of this story is that we too can afford wearing boots like Johnny Depp’s! woo-hoo!

Johnny Depp evening suit Dr Martens boots

No Brogues (like he used to wear in his Paradis era), no worn out, unrecognizable boots but a simple pair of $120 DocMartens original boots. At least we have to give him credit for wearing a fancy black patent pair and not a simple black leather boot that would’ve surely contrasted with the dapper upper part of his outfit.

Brogues suitable for Johnny Depp from Dr Martens

I’m all for contrasting, mixing and matching and comfort, but how do you feel about Johnny’s patent upper boots? Do you think they fit the look? Play the comfy card? The odd element in Mr. Depp’s ensemble? Let’s not forget that he’s friends with Tim Burton who’s sheer genius is only matched by his sheer fashion oddness (not to mention his lady’s wardrobe, Mrs Helena Bonham Carter, who is also known for odd-mixing and matching her outfits!).

Johnny Depp boots Dr Martens

Better yet: do you think a simple pair of patent sneakers would’ve made a better fashion game? Or his old rugged boots he used to wear everywhere? (I know, a lot of questions, but I like the topic, so let’s dissect it to the bone!) (images courtesy drmartens, bfi)

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