Natalie Portman From Dior Lady To Thor Lady

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Looking forward to the new Thor? Scheduled to launch in theaters worldwide next month, Thor is already on full Red Carpet marketing tour with its stars on tow! And despite the movie’s men eyecandy, the real showstopper (at least as far as the Red Carpet goes) is Natalie Portman, Thor’s Lady Love.

Her most recent Red Carpet outfits – all Dior, baby! – not only matched her allure and personality, but also enhanced her natural grace and glow. Everybody loves Natalie Portman. And it seems that the good marketing people from Dior know that as well. She’s one of the three leading ladies of their ad campaigns. All of them being loved by everyone! Not a single disapproving voice could rise against Jennifer Lawrence or Marion Cotillard, could it?

Their natural poise, elegance and discrete and private way of life make them perfectly profiled for their Dior ladies respective titles. But we’ll get back to that later, now let’s focus on Natalie!

Natalie Portman Thor premiere dress Dior

Since the birth of her son (even before that), Natalie has moved to France. A move that’s also related with her husband, Benjamin Millepied’s job: starting September 2014, Millepied is going to be Paris Opera Ballet’s new Director of Dance. Natalie’s Parisian rebirth seems to have fashion reverberations as well as we’re observing Natalie’s new ombre hair and straight long bob – something she didn’t have when she was interviewed for her Marie Claire November 2013 story

Natalie Portman husband Benjamin Millepied Thor premiere

Natalie Portman Marie Claire magazine Jennifer Lawrence Dior Magazine

It kinda reminds of the one Marion used to have not long ago? hmmm… All that’s missing is Jennifer Lawrence moving to France and we’re all set: all Dior ladies are belong to France! Oh lala!

Natalie Portman Thor Red Carpet Dior

Outfits from the Spring 2013 Couture Collection and the Spring 2014 Ready to Wear collection (for the long skirt) will most certainly be coherently continued with further Dior Red Carpets and I’m looking forward to each and every one of them!

gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence Dior magazine No 3

As I am excited with the new ad campaigns for Jennifer Lawrence’s flawlessly dramatic and utterly impressive interpretation of her role as Miss Dior from the third issue of Dior Magazine

Dior Magazine Jennifer Lawrence black and white

…or with the new artistic approach of Marion Cotillard’s character as Lady Dior handbag spokesface!

Marion Cotillard Dior bags 2013 ad campaign

The clean and striking aesthetic of Raf Simons’s creative wand over Christian Dior’s royaume is like a purging bliss, washing away any bad fashion memories I might’ve had today, yesterday and all the days prior to the sight of the Dior ladies in action!

Marion Cotillard new Dior bags ad campaign

Say: Raf Simons, why won’t you start a film series with the leading graces in action?

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#1 Appollonia on 10.25.13 at 5:51 am

Natalie looks wonderful. It’s not that often I like the clothes that much better on the celebrity than on the model(s). Natalie works it beautifully. The Marie Claire not so much. I don’t like that cover at all.

Yep, also Jennifer looks great. Not living up much to her girl-nex-door-i’m-so-normal-image though isn’t it? Much more skinny and glam. Loves the suit, always loved wide pants. Gorgeous.

Hmm, I don’t like Marion that much here. I love her so much in her films. Usually I do like her shoots for a Dior campaign. The photos are great but she could be replaced by a model this time around.

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