Chanel’s Women Only Pre Collection Film, As Weird As You’d Expect

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… from a movie signed by Karl Lagerfeld. His mental projections become more and more elaborate, less and less logical. A “women only” psychedelic movie which turns and twists around the corners and puts so many gorgeous models in the same room, chit-chatting carelessly and playing with mini Kaiser dolls?

Seriously? and I thought the last short film he signed for Chanel (with Keira, nonetheless) was silly! But Lagerfeld always surpasses my wildest dreams and expectations, especially when it comes to meaningless cinematography. It just all seems to take place in Lagerfeld’s bubble-world! Hit the jump and see for yourself! This time he has a short cameo! (I was expecting Choupette to pop up her pretty furry head, but sadly, it didn’t happen!)

women only film Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld stuffed knitted doll

Oh, and when does the Lagerfeld knitted doll hit the market? Because that will surely make an impact more than this short, nonsensical film!

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#1 Appollonia on 06.30.13 at 8:07 am

This is so sick. I’m not going to explain why I think this is really, really nasty. Ugh!

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